2023 CrossFit Games Event 9 “Olympic Total” Results

One occasion was left on Saturday evening for the Particular person athletes on the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games on  Aug. 5, 2023, in Madison, WI: “Olympic Complete.” Athletes would submit heavy weights on the barbell to ascertain their one-rep max snatch and max clear & jerk.

Emma Lawson wore the chief’s jersey for the ladies for the whole thing of Day 5. She scored a win within the “Intervals” occasion to additional her total lead over Arielle Loewen, who sat 37 factors again in second total.

Roman Khrennikov held a dominant lead getting into the day. Nonetheless, a pair of vital blunders throughout “Intervals” let Jeffrey Adler chew a major chunk out of Khrennikov’s lead, all the way down to 59 factors. Beneath are the outcomes for “Olympia Complete”:

2023 CrossFit Video games Occasion 9 — “Olympic Complete”

For load:

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Picture courtesy of CrossFit LLC.

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Particular person Ladies’s Outcomes — “Olympic Complete”

  1. Laura Horvath — 470 kilos
  2. Christine Kolenbrander — 447 kilos
  3. Karin Freyová — 446 kilos
  4. Amanda Barnhart — 444 kilos
  5. Gabriela Migała — 436 kilos
  6. Olivia Kerstetter — 434 kilos
  7. Emma Lawson — 433 kilos
  8. Emma Cary — 428 kilos
  9. Kelly Baker — 427 kilos
  10. Paige Powers — 426 kilos (T-Tenth)
  11. Abigail Domit — 426 kilos (T-Tenth)
  12. Shelby Neal — 423 kilos
  13. Annie Thorisdottir — 422 kilos (T-Thirteenth)
  14. Arielle Loewen — 422 kilos (T-Thirteenth)
  15. Emma Tall — 422 kilos (T-Thirteenth)
  16. Elisa Fuliano — 422 kilos (T-Thirteenth)
  17. Rebecka Vitesson — 420 kilos
  18. Caroline Stanley — 420 kilos
  19. Alex Gazan — 416 kilos
  20. Katrin Davíðsdóttir — 412 kilos
  21. Alexia Williams — 410 kilos
  22. Alexis Raptis — 404 kilos
  23. Sydney Wells — 400 kilos
  24. Paige Semenza — 399 kilos
  25. Seher Kaya — 385 kilos
  26. Danielle Brandon — 382 kilos
  27. Baylee Rayl — 380 kilos
  28. Jamie Simmonds — 365 kilos
  29. Emily Rolfe — 365 kilos
  30. Bethany Flores — 362 kilos

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Particular person Males’s Outcomes — “Olympic Complete”

Males’s outcomes forthcoming.

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Olympic Complete Recap

Kerstetter entered the occasion in twenty first total, which means that she can be the primary athlete reduce on the finish of the evening if she failed to attain an enormous Olympic complete. Athletes had been charged to load their very own weight plates between lifts.

Each athlete within the first warmth for the ladies cleared their opening lifts. Baker missed her first two makes an attempt however locked out a 3rd elevate proper earlier than the buzzer.

Williams was out at 175 kilos after failing her second try. Domit stomped the ground to rev herself up for her second try at 206 kilos however failed out at 196 kilos. Barnhart simply cleared 207 kilos.

Rayl, Wells, Stanley, and Vitesson all cleared their second lifts. Kerstetter cleared 197 kilos on her second elevate earlier than Neal failed out at 191 kilos. Kaya was eradicated at 175 kilos shortly thereafter.

Semenza missed her first try at 183 kilos. The group roared her on, however 172 was locked in as her closing outcome. Powers missed at 197 kilos regardless of practically having it on her second rep.

Kolenbrander cleared her 236-pound clear & jerk opener. Domit adopted with a clear 230-pound clear & jerk. Barnhart scored a 237-pound clear & jerk opener.

Stanley split-jerked her opener to lockout. Wells cleared her 230-pound opener. Vitesson and Kersetter’s first clear & jerks had been profitable. Neal recovered from her earlier snatch to lock in a clear & jerk. Kaya did as effectively, clearing 210 kilos.

Baker made 222 kilos look simple. Fuliano locked out a single pound lower than Baker. Semenza cleared 217 kilos proper earlier than Powers completed the primary spherical of unpolluted & jerks with 225 kilos.

Kolenbrander held the lead at 447 kilos getting into the ultimate lifts. She missed 251 kilos on her first try and couldn’t end the clear on her second. Domit bounced her clear twice however couldn’t lock it out.

Barnhart missed 257 kilos on her second try. Stanley cleared 240 kilos. Wells struggled on her clear however efficiently locked out her second try.

Rayl cleared 210 kilos to additional her complete. Vitesson hauled 235 kilos to a profitable clear and make simple work to jerk it overhead.

Kerstetter tried 237 kilos, and it was baby’s play to lock out overhead. Neal went for 240 kilos, and it was easy as could possibly be. Kaya battled by a 225-pound clear, however the jerk was an excessive amount of.

Baker cleared 236 kilos with out subject. Fuliano completed with 235 kilos, and it was her greatest elevate but. Semenza struggled to scrub 227 kilos however made easy work of the jerk. Powers closed the warmth at 241 kilos and locked it out.

Picture courtesy of CrossFit Video games LLC

Freyová opened efficiently at 195 kilos to open the second warmth for the ladies. Cary cleared 187 kilos on her first snatch. Tall cleared 176 kilos to get on the board.

Brandon missed her first try at 175 kilos however locked out her second try. Thorisdottir made simple work of 180 kilos. Davíðsdóttir was strong with 175 kilos. Flores began lighter at 156 kilos however locked it out.

Rolfe maneuvered 165 kilos effectively to get on the board. Simmonds adopted with a fluid 160 kilos. Migała loaded 175 kilos on her barbell and made it seem like a warm-up.

Gazan opened efficiently at 168 kilos. Horvath opened at 190 kilos and it was no downside. Raptis opened at 177 kilos, and it was scientific. Loewen moved up the boards with a smiling 187 kilos.

Lawson, within the purple and white, opened at 185 kilos, and although it practically collapsed to her left, she saved it to lockout. Freyová moved as much as 206 kilos, and there was loads left within the tank.

Cary locked out 195 kilos. Tall did the identical at 186 kilos. Brandon recovered effectively from her opening elevate to lock out 187 kilos however appeared dissatisfied.

Thorisdottir missed at 190 kilos however discovered her composure and cleared it on her second try. Davíðsdóttir’s second elevate was clear at 186 kilos.

Rolfe missed her second elevate and fell means again on the platform. She tried to get better however ran out of time. Simmonds, at 175 kilos, missed her first try. She bailed on her second and grabbed her proper elbow in ache however waived off medical.

Gazan missed each makes an attempt at 178 kilos. Horvath made simple work of 205 kilos. Raptis missed 187 kilos and didn’t seem snug. She tried once more inside the time cap and locked it out with pace below the bar.

Loewen held an enormous smile as 191 kilos went overhead. Lawson completed the spherical with 193 kilos overhead. Freyová began the clear & jerks at 230 kilos with out subject.

Cary opened at 222 kilos, and it was technically sound. Tall loaded 236 kilos and floor by the clear however made simple work of the jerk.

Brandon opened at 195 kilos with no issues. Thorisdottir’s first clear & jerk of 225 kilos was sluggish and regular to a lockout. Davíðsdóttir floor out a 217-pound opener.

Flores squat cleaned 181 kilos and positively had extra within the tank. Rolfe compelled her opening try overhead. Simmonds scored a balanced 175-pound opener.

Migała moved up the board with 225 kilos on her first clear & jerk. Gazan, at 235 kilos, recovered effectively and locked it out. Horvath took the general lead with a 245-pound elevate.

Raptis was clear with 217 kilos. Loewen was as effectively at 221 kilos. Lawson completed the primary spherical of unpolluted & jerks with a profitable 227 kilos.

Freyová loaded 240 kilos on her second try, and it was easy. Cary cleared 233 kilos on her second try. Tall cleaned 246 kilos however couldn’t lock it out overhead.

Brandon completed the evening with a miss at 215 kilos and didn’t make a second try. Thoridottir cleaned 232 kilos with grit and was profitable overhead. Davíðsdóttir was clear at 226 kilos.

Flores closed her evening with a 196-pound elevate. Rolfe made her closing try at 212 kilos and sat within the squat of the clear for years. She bailed on the jerk.

Simmonds was easy at 205 kilos. Migała scored 245 kilos to finish her night. Gazan loaded 248 kilos efficiently. Horvath locked out 265 with out subject to take the occasion win.

Raptis, at 222 kilos, failed the clear. She made a second try, nevertheless it wasn’t to be. Loewen cleared 231 kilos. Lawson completed the occasion at 240 kilos efficiently.

Picture courtesy of CrossFit LLC.

Males’s recap forthcoming.

One Day Extra

With solely a single day left for Particular person opponents to maneuver up the leaderboard, not one of the occasions have but been revealed on the time of this text’s publication.

We’ll see if Khrennikov can proceed to carry his result in declare the title of Fittest Man on Earth®. Likewise, the crowds in Madison will see who would be the first Fittest Lady on Earth® aside from Tia-Clair Toomey for the primary time in seven years.

Featured picture courtesy of CrossFit LLC.

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