7 of the Best Gym Accessories Every Serious Lifter Needs in Their Bag

Make no mistake — you’re the one lifting these weights. Regardless of what you may hear from a high-and-mighty gymgoer, carrying a belt to squat or strapping up for a set of deadlifts isn’t dishonest. 

The appropriate gear in your fitness center bag may also help you carry out higher as an athlete, obtain your athletic potential, and get you nearer to your targets. However you may’t simply strap, bind, notch, or wrap your self up and count on to set new private information throughout the board; you’ll want to understand how and when to make use of lifting tools. 

DMOOSE Weight Lifting Bundle

DMOOSE Weight Lifting Bundle

DMoose’s weight lifting bundle incorporates all the pieces you’ll want to practice efficiently and sustainably. Decide up all the pieces you want from head to toe with top-class wraps, straps, and a nearly-indestructible lifting belt, all at an unbeatable value.

When you’ve been stalking for brand spanking new fitness center gear, it can save you money and time by buying a bundle from an industry-backed model like DMoose. Kill 5 birds with one kettlebell and head into your subsequent weightlifting session ready to push your limits. That is all the pieces it is best to have in your fitness center bag if you happen to like to hit the iron, plus some useful recommendations on utilizing fitness center tools and top-tier picks so that you can think about. 

Greatest Lifting Equipment

The DMoose Weightlifting Bundle
Courtesy of DMoose

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Lifting Belt

Whether or not squatting, pulling, urgent, or rowing, midline stability is the frequent denominator throughout all heavy compound lifting. You want a robust and steady core.

Most people who hit it heavy within the weight room, whether or not aggressive power athletes or leisure lifters, use lifting belts to enhance their efficiency by giving their cores a floor to brace in opposition to.

Advantages of a Lifting Belt

Be aware: Analysis reveals a studying curve to lifting belts, so that you shouldn’t count on so as to add kilos to your barbell instantly till you be taught to work with one correctly. (2)

The right way to Use a Lifting Belt

Fasten your lifting belt round your torso above your hips however beneath your sternum. If the belt is simply too low, it could collide along with your hips once you squat and restrict your vary of movement. Bind it too excessive up, and you might not be capable to generate ample intra-abdominal stress.

Guarantee that the belt isn’t notched too tightly. A superb normal rule is that you simply ought to be capable to match one finger between your torso and the belt, offering ample area to inhale and broaden your abdomen once you brace.

woman binding a lifting belt
Credit score: sportpoint / Shutterstock

If you would like a stable all-around lifting belt, think about choosing up a DMoose Leather-based Lifting Belt. It may possibly serve you effectively at 5 millimeters thick and 4 inches huge, no matter your kind of lifting. 

Lifting Straps

A robust, immovable grip is a standing image within the weight room. Your capability to carry onto the weights you utilize to build muscle or power impacts the outcomes you get out of your exercises. 

Nevertheless, grip strength is finite, like muscular endurance or cardiovascular capability. Your coaching shouldn’t grind to a halt simply because your arms run out of gasoline — if the barbell slips out of your drained arms lengthy earlier than your posterior chain hits its restrict throughout a set of Romanian deadlifts, effectively, that’s unhealthy for enterprise. 

Advantages of Lifting Straps

  • They aid you safe your arms to the bar throughout pulling workout routines.
  • Straps assist you to concentrate on contracting your muscle groups slightly than sustaining your grip.
  • Lifting straps might aid you raise heavier weights at excessive intensities. 

The right way to Use Lifting Straps

Straps are available in varied varieties; closed-loop, lasso, figure-eight, or “free” straps that aren’t certain collectively. How you utilize them is dependent upon the kind you may have available. Typically talking, you wrap one finish of the strap across the shaft of a barbell or dumbbell after which shut your fist (as you usually would).

Straps are helpful throughout heavy pulling actions. When you do many deadlifts, rows, or loaded carries, use DMoose Heavy-Obligation Lifting Straps throughout your exercises.

A person using lifting straps with a barbell.
Credit score: Chayantorn Tongmorn / Shutterstock

One noteworthy downside of sure lifting straps is their intricacy; they will take some finesse to make use of effectively and apply shortly. If you wish to bypass that studying curve and get the grip-related advantages instantly, you can too use lifting hooks, which offer a divot to hook a barbell or dumbbell. DMoose Lifting Hooks aid you maintain onto a heavy bar and help your wrists

Lifting Footwear

Soccer gamers put on cleats; bowlers have specialised footwear too. When you take weightlifting critically, wouldn’t you need footwear designed to enhance your efficiency in that space? Lifting footwear strengthen the inspiration of your efficiency within the fitness center

Advantages of Lifting Footwear

The right way to Use Lifting Footwear

Weightlifting footwear, generally casually referred to as “lifters,” aren’t an all-the-time factor for the fitness center. You don’t put them on for an arm exercise. Typically talking, it is best to put on lifting footwear if you happen to apply the game of weightlifting or in your leg exercises if you happen to carry out plenty of free-weight workout routines like squats and lunges. 

A better-heeled shoe (some manufacturers will add over an inch of heel peak, however most fall round three-quarters of an inch) will present extra vary of movement when you’ve got poor ankle mobility however might have an effect on your stability, particularly if you happen to’re tall. Additionally, don’t bind the straps of the footwear too tightly — you want to have the ability to transfer your ankles. 

Knee Sleeves

Your knees can take a beating within the fitness center. They usually bear essentially the most load once you carry out leg actions like lunges, step-ups, or heavy squats.

“Heavy” is relative, however a 500-pound barbell in your again will undoubtedly stress your knees greater than if you happen to had been working with one plate. The stronger you get, the extra it is best to take note of knee well being and stability

Whether or not you’re trying a brand new 1-rep max again squat, it pays to tug up a pair of knee sleeves to really feel assured and in command underneath the barbell. 

Advantages of Knee Sleeves

  • Knee sleeves present further cushion to your knees throughout lower-body workout routines.
  • Relying on the fabric, sure sleeves can add some further “bounce” to your squats.
  • They could aid you transfer extra confidently underneath heavy weights, rising your power. (3)

The right way to Use Knee Sleeves

Knee sleeves are very easy: Pull them on and begin coaching. It is best to be certain that the sleeve totally covers the knee joint and doesn’t compress your knees sufficient which you could’t bend them. Extra of the sleeve needs to be above your kneecap in your decrease thigh than down in your shin.

A person wears a black t-shirt and grey knee sleeves while squatting a loaded barbell.
Credit score: Credit score: Photology1971 / Shutterstock

When you’re new to knee sleeves, a superb all-purpose pair needs to be manufactured from neoprene and have a thickness of about seven millimeters. Fortunately, DMoose makes a pair for once you wish to take your leg days up a notch

Elbow Wraps

Elbow ache will be significantly irritating to cope with. Your elbows and the related musculature allow you to carry out nearly every upper-body exercise. You want sturdy, wholesome elbows to bench press effectively, in fact. Nevertheless, weak point, instability, or an harm in these joints may additionally affect your arm or again coaching. 

Advantages of Elbow Wraps

  • Wraps defend and cushion your elbows throughout most urgent actions and triceps exercises.
  • You’ll be able to regulate the tightness of the compression to fit your consolation degree, one thing you may’t get from sleeves.

The right way to Use Elbow Wraps

You may want a good friend’s assist to use elbow wraps. Begin proper beneath the crease of your beneath and wrap up the joint, overlaying half of the earlier wrap with every new layer. Tuck the tip of the wrap in on the finish and be certain that you aren’t stopping circulation to your forearm. 

A superb pair of elbow wraps may also help you press powerfully, confidently, and, most significantly, comfortably. Attempt DMoose 40-Inch Cotton/Polyester Wraps for your self and see. 

Wrist Wraps

For a comparatively small joint, your wrists have loads of work to do within the fitness center. Each weight you maintain in your arms, be it a barbell, a heavy dumbbell, or a kettlebell, applies some stress to your wrists. Sure bodyweight exercises — like handstand push-ups — will also be fairly taxing.

Wrist wraps are ubiquitous in power sports activities, with observational research exhibiting that their prevalence is sort of common amongst powerlifters through the bench press. (4)

Advantages of Wrist Wraps

  • They defend and cushion your wrists throughout heavy lifting.
  • Utilizing wrist wraps may also help correctly place your wrist throughout chest and overhead press variations.
  • Most wrist wraps are ergonomic and straightforward to placed on shortly. 

The right way to Use Wrist Wraps

The place is the first issue to recollect when working with wrist wraps. When you put on them excessive in your wrist (as near the palm of your hand as doable, as illustrated within the picture beneath), you’ll have a better time holding your wrists in a impartial place and might even assist your grip barely.

Powerlifter Benching with Wrist Wraps
Credit score: sportpoint / Shutterstock

Carrying them decrease in your wrists will present joint help whereas nonetheless permitting you to increase your wrists backward. Put on your wrist wraps decrease if you happen to practice in Olympic lifting, because the snatch and jerk actions require some extent of wrist extension overhead. 

Lifting Chalk

Sweaty palms are a downer whether or not you’re strolling into an enormous job interview or have simply loaded up a brand new one-rep max deadlift. When you’ve by no means used lifting chalk earlier than, you’d be shocked at how a lot better you carry out along with your arms chalked up. 

You might not want chalk to land your dream job, however if you wish to raise a brand new private report within the deadlift, a vice-like grip is non-negotiable. Chalk may also help you lock in these features. 

Advantages of Lifting Chalk

The right way to Use Lifting Chalk

In terms of lifting chalk, much less is usually extra. Chalk is supposed to dry your arms and improve the friction between your palm and the floor of no matter you maintain onto. Making use of an excessive amount of chalk to your arms (or worse but, scraping a block of chalk onto the shaft of a barbell) can hinder this and weaken your grip.

Person powdering their hands with chalk before attempting a lift with wrist wraps on
Credit score: sportpoint / Shutterstock

Apply a lightweight dusting of chalk to your arms. Get between your fingers, within the nook of your thumb, and as much as your fingertips, however don’t go so heavy that your arms are white. Don’t apply chalk on to a barbell; the chalk will “fill in” the knurling grooves and make the bar smoother. 

Liquid Chalk

Your fitness center might have insurance policies limiting (or prohibiting) the usage of chalk, often as a result of it may be messy if you happen to aren’t cautious. You might wish to think about liquid chalk, which is available in a tube. 

Liquid chalk works the identical manner; squeeze a nickel-sized dollop onto the again of your hand after which dab it round every of your arms. Don’t unfold it round; use your fingers to “faucet” it throughout your palms after which enable it to dry over two to a few minutes. 

Greatest Lifting Equipment Bundle

You shouldn’t spend your effort and time fretting over what fitness center tools belongs in your fitness center bag. That effort is healthier spent on the precise lifting, in spite of everything. You want a one-stop store in your lifting tools that covers all of the bases (after which some).

DMoose’s weightlifting bundle incorporates all the pieces you’ll want to practice efficiently and sustainably. You’ll be able to cowl your head to toe with top-class wraps, straps, and a nearly-indestructible lifting belt. Right here’s what they’ve to supply:

DMoose Weight Lifting Bundle

  • 5-millimeter, four-inch double-notched leather-based lifting belt to guard your backbone and aid you carry out higher on squats, deadlifts, and extra.
  • Neoprene, polyvinyl chloride, and nylon lifting hooks are designed that will help you maintain onto any barbell or dumbbell with out being restricted by your grip.
  • 7-millimeter neoprene knee sleeves to guard and stabilize your knees on leg day.
  • 40-inch lengthy heavy-duty polyester-cotton elbow wraps to bulletproof your bench press exercises.
  • Lasso-style lifting straps to shore up your grip and aid you pull on heavier weights. 

DMOOSE Weight Lifting Bundle

DMOOSE Weight Lifting Bundle

DMoose’s weight lifting bundle incorporates all the pieces you’ll want to practice efficiently and sustainably. Decide up all the pieces you want from head to toe with top-class wraps, straps, and a nearly-indestructible lifting belt, all at an unbeatable value.

Gear Up for Features

The appropriate tools in your fitness center bag can take your exercises from “good” to “nice.” Sleeves, wraps, straps, and a sturdy belt are invaluable instruments for the intense power athlete and the leisure lifter. Fortunately, DMoose has you lined. Get all the pieces you’ll want to crush your subsequent exercise from DMoose’s weightlifting bundle and equipment up for extra features than you realize what to do with.


  1. Zink, A. J., Whiting, W. C., Vincent, W. J., & McLaine, A. J. (2001). The consequences of a weight belt on trunk and leg muscle exercise and joint kinematics through the squat train. Journal of power and conditioning analysis, 15(2), 235–240.
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  3. Machek, S. B., Cardaci, T. D., Wilburn, D. T., Cholewinski, M. C., Latt, S. L., Harris, D. R., & Willoughby, D. S. (2021). Neoprene Knee Sleeves of Various Tightness Increase Barbell Squat One Repetition Most Efficiency With out Enhancing Different Indices of Muscular Energy, Energy, or Endurance. Journal of power and conditioning analysis, 35(Suppl 1), S6–S15. 
  4. Harris, D., Cardaci, T., Cintineo, H., Pham, R., Dunsmore, Ok., Funderburk, L., & Machek, S. (2023). A Cross-Sectional Examination of Wrist Wrap Use Prevalence and Characterization for Ergogenic Functions in Actively Competing Powerlifters. Worldwide Journal of Energy and Conditioning, 3(1).

Featured Picture courtesy of DMoose

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