8 Common Beginner Bodybuilding Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Just Starting Out

You’ve determined to focus in your positive aspects and be a part of the bodybuilding world — welcome. You’re one among many who try to construct their finest physique potential. Whereas the sport of bodybuilding generally is a excellent place to be, it’s additionally simple to make errors. Particularly if you happen to’re new right here. 

As a beginner, you need to begin your journey off on the appropriate foot. However everybody makes errors. Even if you happen to’re as well-seasoned within the sport as your meal-prepped chicken fajitas, it’s all the time good to test in on your self to ensure no errors have crept their manner into your habits over time.

Two bodybuilders practicing their form.
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Possibly you’re striving to begin your sport with an strategy free from flaws. Otherwise you might need hit a physique plateau and are trying to find any cracks in your basis. Both manner, you’ve come to the appropriate article. Right here, you’ll study all about the most typical newbie bodybuilding errors to keep away from — and find out how to appropriate them. 

Editor’s Observe: The content material on BarBend is supposed to be informative in nature, but it surely shouldn’t be taken as medical recommendation. When beginning a brand new coaching routine and/or weight-reduction plan, it’s all the time a good suggestion to seek the advice of with a trusted medical skilled. We aren’t a medical useful resource. The opinions and articles on this website will not be meant to be used as analysis, prevention, and/or therapy of well being issues. They don’t seem to be substitutes for consulting a certified medical skilled.

Widespread Newbie Bodybuilding Errors

Program Hopping

There could also be any variety of explanation why chances are you’ll end up consistently changing up your training style. You may get bored after two weeks of hitting the identical accessory exercises. Or your favourite social media influencer might need dropped a brand new exercise or program and also you slam on the breaks of your present routine to hop on board.

Even if you happen to’re not bored or chasing the subsequent new factor, you may simply get nervous that your present program isn’t supplying you with the outcomes you need. Whereas switching it up on a regular basis could really feel like the appropriate transfer, it’s usually hurting your progress reasonably than serving to it. 

A person working out with one dumbbell
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If you’re consistently altering up your training program, you’re not permitting your muscle mass to adapt to your current training stimulus. Muscle mass want time to get used to the repetitive actions in an train over time. That point and adaptation are what assist you to progress in every train and turn into stronger and extra muscular.

When you skip out in your program prematurely — program hopping — you is probably not giving your physique sufficient time to indicate you the advantages of what you’ve been doing.

What to Do

Persist with the identical coaching program for wherever between six to 12 weeks

To make sure you’re sticking to your program, begin off by identifying your goal. Choose workouts — or a program — that assist you to attain it. For instance, in case your aim is to grow a wider back, you’ll probably need to add wide-grip lat pulldowns to your coaching program twice per week. 

Your physique wants sufficient time to efficiently adapt to the workouts, quantity, and cargo of every program. When you abandon ship earlier than you give your physique an opportunity to reply correctly to a program, you’ll probably be disenchanted.

Make certain your program makes use of the ideas of progressive overload. You shouldn’t be doing the identical actual factor every week. Although some issues will keep the identical — the workouts, for instance — there must be gradual shifts in intensity, quantity, and method to maintain your physique adapting and bettering all through this system.

These strategies may also assist maintain you mentally engaged in your program lengthy sufficient to reap outcomes.

No Relaxation Days

No relaxation for the depraved, proper? Not on the subject of bodybuilding. When you’re new to the bodybuilding world, chances are you’ll suppose that coaching seven days per week is one of the best ways to put on muscle. That’s the place you’re incorrect

A person stands with their hand on their hip in the gym.
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Not implementing rest days into your coaching will do you extra hurt than good. By not giving your physique the remainder it must get well, you’re setting your self up for plateaus, disproportionate soreness, an even bigger likelihood of damage, and an eventual lower in efficiency.

What to Do

Implement one to 2 relaxation days per week

To permit your physique to get well to its fullest, implement one to two rest days per week. Make relaxation a structured a part of your program to allow you to prepare at your finest. You’ll be giving your physique time to relieve your muscles of extra lactate, replenish its glycogen stores, and put together itself to your subsequent exercise. 

To assist with the potential emotional or psychological issue of feeling such as you’re missing the gym, incorporate low-intensity lively restoration methods into your program. Think about mild yoga, lengthy walks, and even getting a therapeutic massage. Though it could be laborious to take a relaxation day to start with, you’ll quickly be thanking your self you probably did.

Insufficient Protein Consumption 

One of many largest errors a brand new bodybuilder could make will not be consuming sufficient protein. With out an adequate amount of protein, chances are you’ll end up struggling to gain muscle mass and even preserve it.

A person holding a drink in the gym.
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Protein accommodates essential amino acids that your muscle mass want with a view to develop. When you’re not consuming sufficient of this important macronutrient, your physique could break down muscle you have already got to offer itself with stated amino acids. For this reason it’s so very important to eat sufficient so you’ll be able to proceed to placed on that mass you’re looking for.

What to Do

Calculate your wanted protein consumption for muscle development

Step one in getting sufficient protein is determining how a lot you want. A easy manner to do that is through the use of BarBend’s protein intake calculator. Enter some info like how bodily lively you might be and what your objectives are and it’ll assist you determine what your each day consumption ought to seem like.

You’ll need to house your protein out all through the day, maybe placing an emphasis on consumption post-workout. This can gas your muscle mass and start the method of restoration and constructing.

When prepping your meals, contemplate what kinds of protein you take pleasure in most. Specializing in healthy sources of protein that you simply like consuming can set you up for long-term success. 

Not Consuming Sufficient Water

When you’re going to affix the bodybuilding world, you’re going to want to get used to drinking water — and plenty of it. When you’re coaching laborious within the gymnasium, however not replenishing your physique with some much-needed H20, you’ll be able to expertise a lot of destructive negative effects. 

A person drinking water.
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When you’re not consuming sufficient, you may expertise elevated soreness, lack of energy, and reduced recovery. Maintaining together with your each day beneficial consumption of water can assist you stave off these destructive penalties and reap the advantages of most hydration. 

What to Do

Prioritize hydration all through your days

The quantity of water you want on any given day varies from individual to individual. Nonetheless, a standard rule of thumb is that it is best to drink not less than eight glasses of eight ounces every per day

Very first thing within the morning, begin the day without work proper by consuming a glass of water once you get up. You may additionally choose to drink a glass earlier than you eat a meal. Think about getting your self a large water bottle with measurement labels on the skin so you’ll be able to maintain monitor of how a lot you’re consuming. 

If you understand you are likely to neglect in the course of the day, chances are you’ll need to set your self common reminders on your phone. All through the day, these glasses will add up, and also you’ll attain your hydration objectives very quickly.

Skipping Nutritional vitamins

Micronutrients, minerals, and nutritional vitamins equivalent to vitamin A, vitamin D, and zinc all play an vital position in your physique’s restoration. For instance, vitamin A aids in sustaining a wholesome immune system, so you’ll be able to really feel your finest out and in of the gymnasium. 

 A person working out
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Nonetheless, chances are you’ll be lacking some very important vitamins out of your daily diet. Bodybuilders who meal prep usually eat the identical meals day-to-day and even week-to-week. This can be nice information for hitting your macros. Nevertheless it doesn’t enable loads of variety by way of getting all of the micronutrients and nutritional vitamins you want. 

What to Do

Diversify your meals sources and spend money on a good multivitamin

Attempt to get in as broad a variety of micronutrients in your meals as potential. This may contain shifting your meal prep technique from week to week, swapping in several veggies and fruits to make sure a better variety of micronutrients.

Nonetheless, you may not be hitting every part it’s essential maximize your overall health and success on the bodybuilding stage. Investing in multivitamins and different supplementsgreens powders, for instance — can assist you attain your objectives.

Ignoring the Significance of Stretching 

Stretch, stretch, and stretch some extra. As a beginner, chances are you’ll be lacking out on the bodybuilding wonders of stretching. If so, you’ll probably quickly discover your physique feeling tight, sore, and missing in flexibility

Stretching permits your fascia — the connective tissue that holds your different tissues, together with your muscle mass, in place — to elongate. The principle position of fascia is to maintain your muscle mass of their given place all through your physique. Nonetheless, when this connective tissue will not be stretched, it would stay tight, and never enable room for muscle development. 

An athlete pauses between reps in the gym.
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If you dedicate time and power to stretching, you’re giving your muscle mass extra room and the flexibleness to develop. To not point out, stretching could assist decrease your risk of injury, as tight fascia could restrict your range of motion and set you up for muscle strains.

Stretching is due to this fact a win-win for each bodybuilder.

What to Do

Incorporate stretching into your training program

To make sure you’re making stretching a precedence, incorporate it into your coaching program for not less than 5 to 10 minutes earlier than and after you carry. You’ll need to warm up and cool down the muscles that you simply’re prioritizing in your exercise.

You too can incorporate stretches and mobility work into your each day routine outdoors of your exercises. Possibly which means a couple of minutes of mobility training once you rise up within the morning, or some stretches earlier than you go to mattress.

Attempt to prioritize your weak factors. If you understand you could have restricted shoulder mobility, for instance, goal your shoulders for dynamic stretches earlier than your exercise and longer static stretches afterward.

Not Monitoring Macros 

Studying find out how to monitor your macronutrients — carbs, protein, and fat — is arguably top-of-the-line issues you are able to do as a brand new bodybuilder. Monitoring macros could seem complicated as you’re beginning out, however the extra you get used to it, the simpler it would turn into.

Conserving monitor of your macros — even if you happen to’re getting ballpark estimates — can assist you keep your physique and efficiency objectives on monitor. By not monitoring, you can delay your progress as you aren’t conscious of what number of grams of carbs, fat, and protein you’re consuming.

A beginner working out.
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With out a well-reasoned estimate or particular rely of your macros, you is probably not optimizing your efficiency. For instance, you may not be getting enough carbs to gas your high-intensity training. Otherwise you may not be getting sufficient protein to help you bulk

It’s essential to concentrate on your consumption so you’ll be able to make sure you’re eating enough of these nutrients all through the day to gas your physique.

What to Do

Calculate and maintain monitor of your macros

First, you’ll must study what number of grams of protein, carbs, and fat try to be getting per day. Make the most of BarBend’s macronutrient calculator that will help you determine precisely the appropriate ratio to your objectives.

To maintain monitor of your consumption all through the times and weeks, think about using an app like MyFitnessPal to simply log and monitor your meals. When you’re unable or unwilling to trace your macros particularly, you will get ballpark estimates from portion control methods.

Think about using the dimensions of your fist to dole out carb servings, your palm to measure out a serving of protein, and the dimensions of your thumb as an indicator of a serving of dietary fat.

Ego Lifting

In some unspecified time in the future, you’ve seen somebody — and perhaps even engaged in — lifting one thing manner too heavy for the sake of a social media publish. Whereas many bodybuilders are extremely robust and may responsibly deal with ridiculous amounts of weight, you need to be certain every part you’re lifting is one thing you’ve prepped your physique for. 

Have you ever laid the foundation of strength, mobility, and method it’s essential squat three plates? If not, you may be falling prey to ego lifting — slapping more plates on the bar or hefting heavier dumbbells than you’ll be able to deal with with good form as a result of it seems to be or feels good to carry that a lot. 

A person taking a selfie in the gym.
Credit score: Dean Drobot / Shutterstock

Within the bodybuilding world, ego lifting generally is a fashionable factor, particularly as many lifters attempt to construct their social media presence. Whereas it could look cool for the Gram, lifting greater than you’ll be able to deal with can result in severe damage, maintaining you out of the gymnasium and finally stunting your progress.

What to Do

Put your ego apart and give attention to progressive overload.

One of the best factor to do as you’re beginning out is to give attention to progressive overload. Begin out with a weight that feels barely difficult, however comfy with good kind. As soon as that weight begins to turn into simple for the prescribed variety of reps, then transfer up in weight. Proceed this over time — and combine different intensity-boosting techniques steadily — and also you’ll see progress.

It may be robust to keep away from ego lifting, particularly once you’re figuring out subsequent to some fairly well-developed people. Focus in your kind as a lot as potential to construct a powerful basis and heavier weights will come.

You’re Prepared for the Bodybuilding World

If you’re setting out as a physique athlete, figuring out and fixing common bodybuilding mistakes is one among your quantity priorities. Every part from hydration and macros to correct lifting strategies and taking sufficient relaxation days will likely be vital as you begin your journey.

Even if you happen to’re a extra seasoned athlete, check out your program to ensure you haven’t carried over any rookie mistakes into your program. By eliminating these errors, you’ll be in your method to the symmetrical, bulging muscle mass you’re chasing.

Featured Picture: DenisProduction.com / Shutterstock

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