How Doing 100 Push-Ups a Day Can Improve Your Fitness

The push-up is without doubt one of the most fascinating workouts on the planet. On the one hand, It’s so difficult that one-third of a survey performed on 1,400 People believed they’d wrestle to finish simply 5 push-ups in a row.

However, the common-or-garden push-up is taken into account a really fundamental show of upper-body health. You gained’t get anyplace close to a profession in skilled sports activities or the armed forces in case you can’t bang out dozens of hermetic push-ups directly.

A shirtless athlete doing push-ups in the gym.
Credit score: Prostock-studio / Shutterstock

As such, the 100-push-ups-a-day protocol stays a coveted benchmark for anybody intent on getting in combating form. So, if you wish to discover simply how useful it’s to log three digits value of push-ups a day, you’ve come to the fitting place.

Methods to Do the Push-Up

Earlier than you are able to do 100 push-ups, you should know how you can do one push-up. That is the development of steps it is best to comply with in an effort to execute a picture-perfect push-up:

  1. Assume a regular face-down plank position, with a completely straightened and prolonged physique, and a steady base. 
  2. Station your toes collectively along with your toes touching the bottom. 
  3. Place your palms flat on the ground on the degree of your chest, and plant them barely wider than shoulder-width aside. 
  4. Make it possible for your arms are straight when you keep your head in a impartial place along with your eyes trying barely forward of your physique.
  5. Decrease your chest to the bottom by bending at your elbows and keep management over your physique and its alignment. 
  6. Protect the straight line out of your shoulders proper by means of your backbone and legs and all the way down to your heels as you decrease your torso to the bottom. 
  7. Pause briefly on the backside of the motion when your chest makes contact with the ground with out stress-free your core. 
  8. Press your self again to your beginning place. 

Methods to Program 100 Push-Ups a Day

Relating to high-volume bodyweight training, the hot button is to tempo your self. Even somebody who can bench three plates would burn themselves to a crisp in the event that they tried to do all 100 in a single set.

Your finest wager is to interrupt this activity down into small, manageable chunks. Assume as few as 10 push-ups each hour, or 5 each half-hour — no matter you should do to make sure sound method and constant efficiency.

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As you achieve power and muscular endurance, you’ll be able to look towards performing extra push-ups in a single set. 5 units of 20 push-ups each fifteen minutes would get the job carried out fairly rapidly. 

Is It Secure to Do 100 Push-Ups a Day?

So far as workouts go, push-ups are among the many most secure. Your fingers relaxation in a hard and fast place on a steady floor whereas the entire weight of the train is supplied by your personal physique. For those who keep correct type, your threat of damage is sort of low.

Nonetheless, quickly amping up your training volume can insert a degree of threat into the equation; suppose overuse accidents like tendinitis or power soreness. Analysis signifies that after you’ve damaged your muscle tissues down by means of coaching, they bear a 48-hour strategy of reconstruction. (1

Regularly breaking down the identical muscle tissues on daily basis with out offering them with enough muscle recovery time will restrict your alternatives for optimum dimension and power positive factors and might cross over into harmful territory in case you’re unacclimated to bodily train.

Three people doing push-ups in a CrossFit box.
Credit score: Hananeko_Studio / Shutterstock

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Past this, it’s also dangerous to carry out difficult variations of the push-up earlier than your physique is robust sufficient to face up to them. Graduating to diamond push-ups, archer push-ups, or typewriter push-ups too rapidly might place you in a compromising place in case your muscle tissues and joints are collectively unprepared to deal with the problem they current.

All that to say, your finest and most secure choice is to steadily work up towards 100 day by day push-ups over time earlier than making it a day by day routine. Performing 20, then 30, then 40 push-ups each different day is an efficient choice till you’ll be able to hit 100. Then, attempt 100 push-ups on two sequential days earlier than taking some relaxation. For those who’re affected person and tolerant, your physique will ultimately acclimate to the demand.

How Lengthy Ought to You Do 100 Push-Ups a Day?

So long as you’re cautious of overtraining dangers, there’s no concrete rule for a length of time by which it is best to full 100 push-ups every day. Living proof, soccer participant, skilled wrestler, and actor Woody Strode — for whom the well-known cowboy doll Woody from the movie Toy Story was named — was well-known for doing at the very least 200 push-ups every day in 4 units of fifty. 

The truth is, Strode famously maintained each this coaching routine and his chiseled chest from the time he was in school properly into his 60s. 

A person in black sports bra and legging doing pushups.
Credit score: Lysenko Andrii / Shutterstock

If doing 100 push-ups per day motivates you to remain lively every day, and in case you can stay damage free, there is no such thing as a compelling motive so that you can ever cease doing so. On high of that, in case you occur to be employed in a occupation that requires you to show your muscular endurance by finishing as many push-ups as potential, there may be arguably no higher strategy to set up your preparedness than by finishing push-ups in excessive quantity on a frequent foundation.

Advantages of Doing 100 Push-Ups a Day

Along with sustaining a killer pec pump on a near-constant foundation, you stand to achieve fairly a bit by way of basic health by making 100 push-ups as common as brushing your enamel. Right here’s what’s on provide:

Extra Higher Physique Energy

The push-up is the bedrock of upper-body coaching for a motive. Researchers generally use it as a way of evaluating power and basic health. For example, one research used push-up efficiency to foretell bench press power. (2)

An athlete trains upper body in the gym with push up exercises.
Credit score: Master1305 / Shutterstock

Their knowledge illustrated that proficiency within the push-up immediately correlated with bench press power, albeit up to a degree. Nonetheless, what is obvious is that mastery over your personal physique by way of the push-up ought to lead to larger energy output in comparable workouts. 

Improved Muscular Endurance

One of many causes push-ups are so broadly utilized as an all-purpose health testing software is as a result of they pressure you to make use of your chest, shoulder and triceps muscle tissues to repeatedly press your self off of the ground whereas your core strains to keep up correct alignment. 

Realistically, you’re doing two very totally different workouts directly: Whereas all your muscle tissues chargeable for pushing actions are firing away, your abdominals can be struggling to carry your physique in a decent line. All of this provides as much as one heck of an endurance exercise, particularly to your abs, merely because of the large period of time spent underneath pressure.

Higher Physique Consciousness

You may’t afford to slack off mentally, even in your sixty-seventh push-up of the day. For example, dipping your pelvis throughout push-ups will remove the engagement of your abs and shorten the vary of movement of your arms. Equally, executing push-ups along with your fingers positioned larger than the remainder of the physique reduces the proportion of physique weight being lifted, whereas propping up your toes will increase it.

A person doing push-ups with a coach.
Credit score: Jacob Lund / Shutterstock

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The extra time you spend in a push-up place, the higher your total consciousness of physique positioning throughout coaching turns into. You’ll quickly be taught that every time your physique is arched, slumped, elevated, or angled, it influences the muscle tissues concerned in your push-ups and the general ease or problem of finishing them. Consequently, you’ll be taught to establish how such positional modifications to your physique can alter the consequences you’re feeling throughout different coaching actions as properly.

Drawbacks of Doing 100 Push-Ups a Day

The final word disadvantage to doing 100 bizarre push-ups a day is that it might ultimately not be sufficient to give you indefinite muscular strength or hypertrophy. Adhere diligently sufficient, for lengthy sufficient, and it is probably not too lengthy earlier than 100 push-ups — accomplished in a single set no much less — doesn’t tax your chest, anterior deltoids or triceps to the purpose of failure. In essence, 100 day by day push-ups may come to really feel extra like a protracted warm-up than an actual exercise.

Moreover, high-repetition calisthenics training doesn’t fall neatly into the broad parameters of hypertrophy or power coaching. Units of eight within the push-up (a standard hypertrophy benchmark), is probably not remotely stimulating sufficient, regardless of what number of units you do. As such, 100 push-ups a day may not work out as a long-term method to gaining upper-body muscle or power.

Who Ought to Do 100 Push-Ups a Day

100 day by day push-ups may make for a beautiful work-from-home exercise routine, however they’re good for way over that. Earlier than you make the leap, contemplate whether or not you fall into one in every of these camps.

Energetic-Obligation Navy

It doesn’t matter what department of the armed forces you serve in, sustaining your bodily health is a daily a part of the job. Making 100 push-ups part of your day by day routine is a superb strategy to lay some groundwork for an upcoming readiness check.

Soldiers performing pushup exercise in boot camp.
Credit score: wavebreakmedia / Shutterstock

The truth is, the U.S. Army advises Green Beret aspirants to finish 10 to fifteen units of 20 push-ups — a whopping 200 to 300 whole push-ups — each different day to organize themselves for the Particular Forces Evaluation and Choice.

Excessive Faculty or Collegiate Athletes

Push-ups are generally used as each a coaching software and as a favourite torture gadget of many athletic coaches from center college upward. That is very true for athletes who’re requested to finish the dreaded “up-down” on a frequent foundation, like soccer gamers, lacrosse gamers and wrestlers. 

Whereas the fixed requests for push-ups might seem to be a mean-spirited demand, in case you’re a participant in one in every of these sports activities, day by day push-ups will equip you to stand up at a second’s discover even in case you’ve repeatedly been knocked down.

Bodily Health Check-Takers

If you end up getting into any occupation the place power and health requirements are mandated, there’s a excessive probability {that a} push-up check goes to be administered to you. A number of regional and nationwide police and firefighting organizations advocate evaluation assessments involving push-ups. 

A muscular person doing push ups with dumbbells.
Credit score: Rocksweeper / Shutterstock

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In most cases, scores of 30 or extra consecutive push-ups are required to realize a passing mark. Because of this in case you can full 100 push-ups on daily basis in three or fewer units, it is best to have little problem surpassing the minimal acceptable rating in these testing eventualities.

Who Shouldn’t Do 100 Push-Ups a Day?

Make no mistake, day by day something isn’t for everybody. You may wish to keep away from a 100-push-up ritual in circumstances like these: 

If You’re Injured

For those who’ve acquired any form of upper-body damage, and particularly any accidents to the chest, shoulders or arms, high-volume push-ups are most likely a nasty thought. The shoulders, elbows and wrists are widespread websites for the event of power tendinopathies as properly. 

Circumstances like tendinitis are liable to worsen if uncovered to repeat stress, equivalent to forcing your self by means of a three-digit variety of push-ups each single day. It doesn’t matter what bodily ailment you’re affected by, it is best to defer to the recommendation of a medical skilled earlier than taking any form of motion.

If You’re New to Train

For those who can solely full 4 push-ups at a time, then painfully plodding by means of dozens of low-rep push-up units till you’ll be able to full 100 whole reps is totally overkill to your muscle tissues. For those who’re new to bodily exercise, 100 repetitions of something directly is a frightening determine, and making an attempt to chase down a triple-digit push-up rely will do your physique extra hurt than good.

In case you are simply starting to string collectively consecutive push-ups and must construct up your resilience, working your approach as much as three or 4 units of 10 to 12 repetitions needs to be the primary milestone you pursue. From there, you’ll be able to construct upon that basis and steadily work your approach as much as units of 20 to 25 and onward. Gradual and regular wins the race.

If Push-Ups Are Too Simple

Whereas its triple-digit nature makes 100 push-ups a fascinating achievement within the eyes of many individuals, 100 is definitely a reasonably arbitrary quantity to set as a day by day push-up aim. Realistically, reaching the 100 push-ups threshold could be an indication that you simply’ve outgrown the push-up within the first place.

[Read More: The Best Full-Body Bodybuilding Workout for Beginner to Advanced Lifters]That stated, you don’t need to condemn the push-up to the waste bin altogether simply because 100 customary repetitions are simple pickings. Progress into more durable variations equivalent to single-arm or weighted push-ups (whether or not with a resistance band or weight plate) and also you’ll end up humbled by the push-up yet again.

100 Is Only a Quantity

In essence, 100 push-ups isn’t an important quantity in case you’re not reaching the specified impact from cranking out all of these repetitions. In the long term, markers of health progress like muscle mass, physique fats share, or total weight lifted are way more invaluable measurements of progress than a mere push-up tally. 

There’s nothing inherently mistaken with finishing 100 push-ups every day. Simply be sure you expend all of that effort in a fashion that comports along with your broader aims, whether or not they’re primarily based round look, efficiency, or total well being. This manner, you’ll forestall all of these push-up repetitions from amounting to an train in futility.


  1. Morán-Navarro R, Pérez CE, Mora-Rodríguez R, de la Cruz-Sánchez E, González-Badillo JJ, Sánchez-Medina L, Pallarés JG. Time course of restoration following resistance coaching main or to not failure. Eur J Appl Physiol. 2017 Dec;117(12):2387-2399. doi: 10.1007/s00421-017-3725-7. Epub 2017 Sep 30. PMID: 28965198.
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