How to Do the Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row for Bigger Lats and Beefier Biceps

You may not understand it, however the second you step into the gym, you’re racing in opposition to the clock. Whether or not that’s a literal time restrict, or a perceived level of exhaustion, the reality is you solely have a lot you are able to do in a single session.

Effectivity is the secret. To play it proper, you should incorporate compound lifts into your routine. For those who’re in search of a significant upper-body builder that targets your back and your biceps, strive the reverse-grip bent-over row.

 A person doing a reverse grip bent over barbell row.

By adjusting your grip throughout a standard barbell row, you possibly can kill two birds with one stone; a killer again train and some free biceps progress as nicely. Right here’s how you can do it. 

The right way to Do the Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row

You don’t want a lot to get began with the reverse-grip bent-over row. You probably have enough mobility to perform a hip hinge, and you’ve got entry to a barbell, you’re in enterprise. Listed below are the steps to carry out the reverse-grip bent-over row so you can begin constructing your again and biceps. 

Step 1 — Set Up

A person doing the first step of the Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row.

Stand upright together with your ft beneath your hips and a barbell in your arms. That is the place the reverse grip is available in — seize the bar with a double-underhand grip; your palms ought to face forwards. 

Then, hinge on the hips and tip over so the bar glides down your thighs. Your torso needs to be roughly perpendicular to the bottom. 

Coach’s Tip: Consider the setup for the reverse-grip bent-over row like organising for a deadlift.

Step 2 — Squeeze and Row

A person doing the second step of the Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row.

Provoke the row by pulling your elbows again and squeezing your scapula together. Relying on the angle of your torso relative to the ground, the bar ought to make contact someplace between your stomach button and your sternum. 

Coach’s Tip: If you end up standing extra upright in an effort to full the row, it is best to contemplate performing the elevate with much less weight. 

Step 3 — Decrease the Barbell

A person doing the third step of the Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row.

When you attain the highest of the elevate, pause for a second. Then, keeping your core tight, slowly decrease the burden and return again to the beginning place with the bar hanging round knee degree. Conserving the burden beneath management is essential to make sure you carry out your repetitions with constant approach over the length of your set. 

Coach’s Tip: Give attention to the eccentric to construct higher grip and biceps energy with the reverse-grip bent-over row.

Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row Units and Reps

For those who made a Venn diagram of lifts that you can carry out for athletics and lifts you can carry out for aesthetics, you can put the reverse-grip bent-over row proper within the center the place the 2 sections overlap. 

As a compound elevate that targets your again and your biceps, whereas additionally participating your core and hamstrings, the reverse-grip bent-over row deserves a spot within the routines of bodybuilders and athletes alike. Listed below are just a few methods you possibly can incorporate it into your routine. 

  • For Energy: 4 units of 6 explosive repetitions.
  • For Hypertrophy: 3-4 units of 10 repetitions.
  • For Endurance: 2 units of as many repetition as doable. 

Widespread Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row Errors

The reverse-grip bent-over row appears easy sufficient: Bend over. Row. However a superficial approachability belies some depth in regard to approach. If you wish to grasp the reverse-grip bent-over row, listed here are just a few errors it is best to completely keep away from.

Rounding Your Again

A scarcity of mobility in your hips or hamstrings may make it exhausting so that you can carry out a correct hip hinge. For those who discover it troublesome to interrupt on the hip and hold a flat again throughout the reverse-grip bent-over row, you can be placing pointless pressure on your lower back. Extra importantly, you’ll discover it troublesome to focus on your lats when you can’t tip over far sufficient. 

Main With Your Arms

Regardless that you’ll have interaction your biceps throughout the reverse-grip bent-over row, it’s essential so that you can do not forget that they’re a secondary mover. This isn’t a biceps curl. You wish to begin every repetition by engaging your back muscles first, squeezing your shoulder blades, and pulling your elbows again earlier than you contemplate the contraction of your biceps. Suppose “shoulders” after which “elbows” in sequence. 

Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row Variations

Conserving issues recent within the fitness center by attempting out a brand new variation of a basic train can hold you engaged together with your session even when you’re working with restricted gear. Listed below are just a few variations on the reverse-grip bent-over row that utilize a barbell.

Supinated Pendlay Row

This row variation begins and finishes every repetition with the bar on the ground. Whereas the supinated Pendlay row requires higher mobility in your hamstrings, it needs to be much less taxing in your core and your grip as a result of diminished whole time beneath rigidity.

Beginning on the ground additionally retains you from creating momentum that carries from one repetition to a different. The result’s a elevate that builds explosive energy in your again and biceps and is a superb choice if you wish to work on power development to your sport. 

Snatch-Grip Bent-Over Row

If you wish to develop your grip strength, the snatch grip bent-over row comes second to none. 

Named for its wider hand placement on the bar, the snatch-grip bent-over row supplies elevated stimulus to your trapezius, rhomboid, and your rear deltoids.

Grip Bent-Over Row Options

Don’t fear if bent-over rows aren’t your factor. Listed below are another methods to construct larger, and extra highly effective, again muscle tissue whereas getting one heck of an arm workout on the similar time.

Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

Some lifts are mainstays for a purpose. The single-arm dumbbell row is likely one of the best and handiest methods to construct your again. To carry out the single-arm dumbbell row, you merely kneel on a bench and row.

The only-arm dumbbell row presents some mechanical benefits over barbell row variations; by supporting your self on a weight bench, you possibly can restrict the quantity of stress utilized to your backbone. Because you perform the lift unilaterally, and with the assist of a bench, you could possibly higher isolate your lats with dumbbells. 

Chest-Supported Dumbbell Row

You probably have hassle staying secure throughout other row variations, contemplate the chest-supported dumbbell row. In contrast to another row variations, the chest-supported dumbbell row doesn’t supply any alternatives to cheat your form or have interaction different muscle teams that will help you transfer the burden. 

You may carry out the chest-supported dumbbell row by mendacity chest-first on an incline bench. Let your arms cling perpendicular to the ground, then carry out the elevate by bending on the elbow to deliver the burden up towards your chest. To intently mimic the reverse-grip bent-over row, hold the dumbbells with a supinated grip.

Renegade Row

The renegade row is equal components again and core train. You may arrange for the elevate by getting right into a excessive plank position and resting your arms on a pair of dumbbells which can be mendacity on the ground. Conserving your physique in a straight line, alternate performing rows with every arm.

If you end up rotating to 1 aspect than the opposite with every rep, chances are you’ll wish to carry out the lift with less weight. Stamina performs an enormous position within the renegade row, and dealing with lighter weights can assist you check your endurance whereas strengthening your core. 

Muscular tissues Labored by the Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row

Rowing exercises work the musculature of your again from prime to backside. Nevertheless, the precise position every main muscle performs throughout a given row can range. Listed below are the most important gamers that take heart stage throughout the reverse-grip bent-over row. 

Latissimus Dorsi

The lats are the first muscle group labored by the reverse-grip bent-over row. They’re additionally the largest muscle group in your upper body, attaching out of your scapula and humerus (that’s your higher arm bone) all the way in which all the way down to what’s known as the thoracolumbar fascia on the backside of your again.

A well-developed pair of lats go a good distance towards constructing a rock-solid physique; they may give the looks of broad shoulders whereas additionally making your waist look thinner.


The biceps brachii and the brachialis are secondary movers throughout the reverse-grip bent-over row. Whereas they get a great deal of direct stimulation throughout the elevate, they play an essential half in stabilizing the elbow throughout flexion.

A person's biceps.
Credit score: Nestor Rizhniak / Shutterstock

The biceps are a wrist supinator — while you rotate your palm round, you’ll discover your biceps flex barely. Rowing with an underhand grip locks them in that flexed place, giving them a greater mechanical benefit that will help you bend your elbow. 


The extra weight you elevate, the tougher it’s to maintain your torso locked at a particular angle over the course of your set. For sure, the reverse-grip bent-over row each requires and builds tremendous core strength. Your abs should contract isometrically to stabilize your backbone as the burden on the barbell makes an attempt to break down your trunk. 


As with every elevate that requires a hip hinge, your hamstrings have to be engaged to a point throughout the reverse-grip bent-over row. Since your hips don’t transfer all through the elevate, their main position is to keep you balanced and keep the angle of your hip hinge. 

Actions just like the reverse-grip bent-over row can really assist increase your hamstring flexibility by loading the tissue when it’s suspended in a stretched place. 

Advantages of the Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row

The reverse-grip bent-over row has one thing for everybody. Check out a few of the advantages under.

Elevated Power

The reverse-grip bent-over row is a superb elevate for overall strength development. As a compound exercise carried out primarily with a barbell, you’d be hard-pressed to seek out one other row variation that allows you to elevate practically the identical hundreds. 

By taking an underhand grip, your grip energy needs to be much less of an element than with a standard bent-over row and your biceps can contribute to every repetition a bit higher than when you rowed overhand. 

Higher Stability

Holding a hinge place for the duration of a set of rows can do wonders to your steadiness and core energy. Since your hamstrings keep beneath fixed rigidity within the lengthened place whereas performing the elevate, the reverse-grip bent-over row additionally builds posterior chain stability.

Reinforces Good Rowing Approach

Folks mess up their barbell rows in all kinds of how. Most of the time, you’ll see people begin flaring their elbows and pulling the bar increased and better up their torsos as they get drained.

Each of those errors can cut back the engagement of your lats and restrict the worth of the train. Nevertheless, by grabbing the bar with an underhand grip, you’ll discover it far more troublesome to compromise your kind. The reverse grip locks your shoulder into exterior rotation, which helps you retain it tucked tightly to your sides when you row. 

It Will get Factors for Effectivity, Too

Hit a rear double biceps bodybuilding pose — virtually each muscle on show is focused by the reverse-grip bent-over row. Even amongst compound workout routines, few lifts have the power to successfully goal as many particular person muscle tissue directly. The reverse-grip bent-over row presents a time-efficient option to construct your again and biceps.

Who Ought to Do the Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row

No matter your goals in the gym, you’ll find a purpose to carry out the reverse-grip bent-over row. However when you match into the classes under, incorporating the elevate into your routine may take your efficiency to the following degree.


Experimenting with varied grips is likely one of the best methods that you could develop thicker and extra volumized muscle tissue as a bodybuilder. Within the case of the reverse-grip bent-over row, each again and arm good points are paramount. Massive lats have a method of creating your shoulders look broader and your waist look thinner. They’re additionally key parts within the ever-sought-after V-taper.

 A person doing a reverse grip barbell row
Credit score: Dusan Petkovic / Shutterstock

Many overhand row variations restrict the exercise of your biceps, too. Rowing with a reverse grip can repair that problem and provide you with a two-for-one hypertrophic stimulus.


As a compound elevate that develops general again energy, builds your posterior chain, and requires a major hip hinge, the reverse-grip bent-over row works as a unbelievable accessory for the deadlift. However that’s not the one purpose so that you can embrace it in your accent coaching, neither is it the one option to incorporate the elevate into your routine. 

The reverse-grip bent-over row additionally promotes wholesome scapular retraction and engages your biceps, each of that are obligatory for wholesome flexion of the elbow. The underhand barbell row properly enhances the movement of and musculature concerned within the bench press. 

Flip the Grip

The extra time you spend within the fitness center, the extra you come to consider how you spend that point. Discovering workout routines just like the reverse-grip bent-over row, that develop energy and measurement throughout a spread of muscle teams, can assist make you a better and more efficient lifter.

Few actions supply a lot with such a small technical adjustment. You may elevate heavier weights, keep higher kind, and construct shirt-busting biceps within the course of. What’s to not love?


For those who can’t resolve whether or not the reverse-grip bent-over row is best for you, these widespread questions might assist shed some mild in your dilemma. 

What’s the distinction between a bent-over row and a reverse-grip bent-over row?

The primary distinction between the standard bent-over row and a reverse-grip bent-over row is the way you place your hands on a barbell. Throughout a standard bent-over row, your arms take a pronated place, the place the reverse-grip bent-over row is carried out with a supinated grip.

The place can I incorporate the reverse-grip bent-over row into my cut up?

The reverse-grip bent-over row is a compound motion that works loads of muscle teams, however it primarily targets your again muscle tissue and your biceps. As such, it could greatest match on both an upper body day or a pull day.

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