The 10 Best Lower Back Exercises for Stability and Strength

With regards to training your back, the lats and higher again muscle mass most likely get a lot of the consideration, and deservedly so. A robust mid and higher again are highly effective allies in your physique’s total functioning, producing highly effective higher physique pulls, and even in constructing that V-taper.

However neglect coaching your decrease again at your peril. Lower back strength gives the muse for many decrease and higher physique actions. With a stronger, extra secure decrease again, you’ll be capable of squat extra weight and deadlift heavier. Not solely that, however you’ll develop the flexibility to maneuver and rotate with extra energy and explosiveness.

A person doing a deadlift.
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Under, you’ll discover the most effective decrease again workout routines to make this a part of your physique shine. You’ll additionally discover ways to defend your decrease again whereas lifting, in addition to all of the tips and ideas you’ll have to maximize your gains.

Greatest Decrease Again Workouts

Editor’s Be aware: The content material on BarBend is supposed to be informative in nature, however it shouldn’t be taken as medical recommendation. When beginning a brand new coaching routine and/or eating regimen, it’s all the time a good suggestion to seek the advice of with a trusted medical skilled. We aren’t a medical useful resource. The opinions and articles on this web site are usually not meant to be used as analysis, prevention, and/or therapy of well being issues. They aren’t substitutes for consulting a certified medical skilled.

Rack Pull

The rack pull isn’t for the faint of coronary heart. It’s a deadlift variation that — just like an ordinary deadlift — trains all your erector spinae muscle mass, decrease again, mid-back, and higher again muscle mass.

Rack pulls have you ever pull with a partial range of motion, with the bar beginning at both simply above or simply under your knees. Since you’re pulling from the next place to begin, it’s simpler to take care of a impartial backbone all through the raise. You too can raise extra with this deadlift variation, so that you’ll acclimate your physique to lifting heavier weights to increase your strength

How one can Do the Rack Pull

  1. Set the barbell up in the squat rack both above or under your knees. Assume your normal deadlift stance and grip. 
  2. Hinge down and grip the barbell with an overhand shoulder-width grip. Squeeze your armpits collectively and brace your core.
  3. Keep your chest up and shoulders again. Pull the bar up till lockout, ending together with your glutes. 
  4. Hinge again to the beginning place and repeat.

Coach’s Tip: Maintain the bar near your physique, as in a daily deadlift.

Units and Reps: Particularly for those who’re aiming for power, raise heavier weights. Carry out three to 4 units of three to 6 reps.

Advantages of the Rack Pull

Bent-Over Row

The bent-over row is a incredible train to strengthen and improve mass within the higher again and lats and reinforce hip hinge mechanics. You’ll be hinged over all through the complete motion.

The erector spinae — that are major decrease again muscle mass — will likely be resisting motion and dealing to keep your spine neutral. This place will assist to extend decrease again endurance.

How one can Do the Bent-Over Row

  1. Hinge at your hips and seize a loaded barbell with a grip that’s barely wider than shoulder-width. 
  2. Squeeze your shoulder blades collectively and brace your core.
  3. Row the barbell till it’s touching your abdomen. Angle your elbows at about 45 levels all through the motion. 
  4. Maintain the highest place of the row for a beat after which slowly decrease the load again down. 

Coach’s Tip: Keep away from utilizing momentum as a lot as doable all through your reps.

Units and Reps: Use a reasonable to heavy weight. Do three to 5 units of six to 12 reps.

Advantages of the Bent-Over Row

  • You’ll add power and mass to your higher again, lats, and erector spinae.
  • The bent-over row reinforces good hip hinge mechanics, which can have a direct carryover to your deadlift.
  • This transfer improves postural power and management.

Barbell Good Morning

The barbell good morning is a good train that trains the lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. Nevertheless, if shoulder mobility or again ache is a matter, it’s best to carry out an alternate. 

Good mornings should be mastered with lighter hundreds earlier than rising depth and vary of movement. When mastered, it’s a incredible train to strengthen and build posterior muscle.

How one can Do the Barbell Good Morning 

  1. Step beneath a loaded barbell that’s set in an influence rack. Arrange the identical approach you’d for a again squat, and stroll backward a couple of steps. 
  2. With a slight bend in your knees, hinge on the hips whereas protecting your chest up and shoulders down.
  3. Hinge till your torso is sort of parallel to the ground. 
  4. Reverse the raise by contracting your glutes and hamstrings till you might be standing again up.

Coach’s Tip: Use a security squat bar if doable to maximise the soundness and security of this raise.

Units and Reps: Carry out three to 4 units of six to 12 reps, solely utilizing heavier weights after you grasp your type.

Advantages of the Barbell Good Morning

  • It is a incredible train for spinal erector and glute power and hypertrophy.
  • You’ll have interaction your entire posterior chain and all of the spinal stabilizers that assist stop spinal flexion. 
  • This transfer is solely a hinge, and your decrease again is what’s going to help that hinge. 

Again Extension

Again extensions are once you lay on both a glute-ham increase bench or a back extension machine and flex your decrease again muscle mass to decrease and lift your torso. It’s about as direct of a lower back exercise as you are able to do. 

You are able to do this train with simply your physique weight, or maintain a dumbbell, barbell, or weight plate to load the motion. You too can make the most of tempo coaching, which has you carry out sluggish repetitions, to induce more muscle growth in your decrease again muscle mass. 

How one can Do the Again Extension

  1. Safe your toes on the back-extension machine together with your hips simply above the padding.
  2. Cross your arms throughout your chest, protecting your chest up and shoulders down.
  3. Decrease your torso till it’s under parallel to the ground. Watch out to not spherical your low again.
  4. Increase up using your glutes and decrease again till your physique is in keeping with your legs.

Coach’s Tip: Keep away from rounding your decrease again, solely shifting inside the vary of movement you’re at the moment able to.

Units and Reps: Carry out 4 to 5 units of eight to fifteen reps.

Advantages of the Again Extension

  • The again extension trains and isolates the decrease again by an extended range of motion, permitting for higher power and hypertrophy.
  • It’s a flexible train, which may be loaded in several methods.
  • It will also be finished successfully with simply your physique weight, which is mostly safer than any type of loading.

Fowl Canine

Although it seems to be simple, the bird dog is a core train that’s usually butchered. Nevertheless, when finished accurately, the chook canine forces your total core — together with your decrease again, which, sure, is a part of your core — to stabilize your physique when concurrently alternating your opposite-side arm and leg. 

Slowly elevating and decreasing your arm and leg whereas staying inflexible is an effective way to advertise spinal stability. Consequently, your decrease again will likely be higher fitted to dealing with heavier hundreds. 

How one can Do the Fowl Canine 

  1. Kneel on the ground in a six-point stance (hand, knees, and toes on the bottom) together with your knees under your hips and your palms straight beneath your shoulders. 
  2. Increase your reverse arm and leg straight out, keeping your core tight and your physique in a straight line from head to foot.
  3. Return to the beginning place and carry out all of the reps on one facet or alternate sides.

Coach’s Tip: Preserve a impartial again all through the train and keep away from shifting your hips and shoulders backward and forward.

Units and Reps: Do three to 5 units of 10 to twenty reps per facet.

Advantages of the Fowl Canine

  • An incredible decrease again endurance train that improves spinal stability. That’s precisely what this train does.
  • The chook canine helps individuals differentiate between hip extension and decrease again hyperextension.
  • It’s an awesome anti-rotation core train, which basically means you’ll be more proficient at stopping rotation, which is helpful once you brace your core.


The superman is a good bodyweight exercise to assist stop accidents to your low again, enhance your posture, and construct a greater mind-muscle connection to your decrease again and glutes. This train trains the erector spinae as an extensor by having you lift your legs and arms off of the bottom by flexing your decrease again after which holding this place. 

Your decrease again should work to provoke the motion and stabilize to carry the highest place isometrically. It is a nice train to isolate your decrease again that anybody of any fitness level can do. 

How one can Do the Superman

  1. Lie face down on an exercise mat together with your brow flat on the bottom.
  2. Stretch your arms above your head and your legs under. 
  3. Increase your palms and toes about 4 to 5 inches off the ground whereas protecting your stomach on the bottom. 
  4. Maintain this raised place for 3 seconds. Then decrease your palms and toes slowly again to the ground. That’s one rep

Coach’s Tip: Keep your glutes squeezed all through this motion to stop your decrease again from hyperextending. Maintain your neck impartial however relaxed.

Units and Reps: Carry out three to 4 units of 15 reps.

Advantages of the Superman

  • This transfer provides muscle and power to the erector spinae.
  • The superman is a good low-level train that advantages the newbie to the superior lifter.
  • You’ll construct isometric power and endurance within the decrease again, which is vital to the core musculature

Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell swings are nice for the decrease again for a similar causes deadlifts are — each time you hinge, your decrease again contracts to maintain your backbone impartial. 

The kettlebell swing trains the soundness and stabilizing muscle mass of your total physique since you’re always adjusting to the shifting center of mass with every repetition. The decrease again wants power and endurance stimuli and the kettlebell swing accomplishes each.

Advantages of the Kettlebell Swing

  • This transfer trains the decrease again for power and endurance.
  • You’ll have interaction stabilizer muscle mass throughout your physique due to the shifting middle of mass created by your motion.
  • The kettlebell swing improves cardiovascular endurance and grip power.

How one can Do the Kettlebell Swing

  1. Stand together with your toes wider than shoulder-width aside, with the kettlebell simply in entrance of you. 
  2. Hinge down to grip the kettlebell. 
  3. Hike the kettlebell behind you and thrust your hips ahead.
  4. Use this momentum to swing the kettlebell out to about waist peak. 
  5. End by squeezing your glutes and quads and repeating in a steady loop for reps or time.

Coach’s Tip: Whenever you’re mountaineering the bell behind you, do your finest to maintain it above your knees as a substitute of dragging low close to the bottom.

Units and Reps: Carry out three to 5 units of 15 to twenty reps, or carry out as many reps as possible for 30 to 90 seconds.

Glute-Hamstring Increase

At a look, the glute-hamstring raise — additionally referred to as the glute-ham increase (GHR) — might not appear to be a decrease again train. Nevertheless, it’s nice for developing eccentric strength in your hamstrings and a killer pair of glutes as well. 

By contracting isometrically whereas the aforementioned muscle mass do the shifting, your decrease again will get higher at what it does finest — being a powerful body. 

How one can Do the Glute-Hamstring Increase

  1. Alter the bench so your toes are secured, together with your quads resting towards the pad.
  2. Bend your knees and preserve your torso straight and upright. 
  3. Fold your arms throughout your torso.
  4. Bow on the waist till you’re as near horizontal as doable. 
  5. Return to the beginning place by contracting your hamstrings and glutes. 

Coach’s Tip: Be sure you grasp your type by shifting by your glutes and hamstrings somewhat than utilizing momentum out of your torso or shoulders.

Units and Reps: Do three to 5 units of 15 to 25 reps.

Advantages of the Glute-Hamstring Increase

  • The glute-ham increase builds decrease again power with out the usage of heavy weights.
  • It will assist you to develop eccentric power in your hamstring to assist prevent hamstring strains.
  • The prolonged time beneath pressure for the decrease again helps enhance decrease again endurance.

Stability Ball Reverse Hyperextension

The soundness ball reverse hyper is a good different if your gym doesn’t have a GHR machine and is a good regression for those who’re unable to carry out the GHR. It nonetheless trains most of the similar muscle mass, however with a twist. 

The inherently unstable floor forces you to be attentive to your approach, and the elevated vary of movement and time beneath pressure ought to carry some additional hypertrophy or endurance advantages. 

How one can Do the Stability Ball Reverse Hyperextension

  1. Place the stability ball on a weight bench after which put your abdomen on the ball, together with your hips barely off the ball. 
  2. Take a agency grip on the bench on both facet.
  3. Increase your straight legs off the bottom till your glutes are totally contracted. 
  4. Slowly decrease them again till your toes contact the bottom. Reset and repeat. 

Coach’s Tip: Be sure you transfer slowly to maximise the impact of this transfer. Keep away from speeding to attempt to artificially protect a way of stability.

Units and Reps: Carry out three to 4 units of 15 to twenty reps.

Advantages of the Stability Ball Reverse Hyperextension

  • This train trains your hamstrings, glutes, and decrease again as a unit.
  • You’ll enhance your hip extension as a result of your hips are extending powerfully on every rep serving to to enhance glute lockout power.
  • Strengthening the glutes and decrease again helps defend the decrease again from harm.

Facet Plank

Side planks are an train everybody likes to hate — however their advantages are plain. They prepare nearly each muscle from head to toe, together with the decrease again. The decrease again muscle mass surrounding the backbone are contracting isometrically to maintain your backbone impartial. 

Most decrease again coaching focuses on resisting anterior flexion, however the side plank teaches you to take care of a inflexible backbone when confronted with lateral forces. 

How one can Do the Facet Plank

  1. Lie in your left or proper facet together with your knees straight and your elbow straight beneath your shoulder. 
  2. Prop your physique up and lift your reverse hand till it’s perpendicular to your torso, pointing in direction of the ceiling. 
  3. Align your toes, knees, and hips collectively. 
  4. Brace your core and lift your hips till your body forms a straight line from ankles to shoulders.
  5. Maintain for time.

Coach’s Tip: Keep away from letting your hips sink throughout your maintain. If obligatory, stack your high foot on the bottom in entrance of your backside foot for added stability.

Units and Reps: Do three to 4 units of 15 to 60 seconds on all sides.

Advantages of the Facet Plank

  • Facet planks strengthen the quadratus lumborum, a muscle that performs an necessary function in stopping decrease again ache.
  • Facet planks strengthen the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, adductors, and abductors which play a job in strengthening the backbone/pelvis space and defending it from harm.
  • The facet plank results in a extra secure core which is best in a position to switch energy out of your decrease to the upper body.

Decrease Again Heat-Up

Warming up your decrease again is a essential element of coaching. Even for those who’re not coaching your decrease again particularly, you’ll need to activate your decrease again for something involving heavy lifting. This ranges from squatting and deadlifting to snatching and even to overhead and bench pressing.

You need to drive blood to the area and get your decrease again working in tandem together with your core earlier than shifting on to extra strenuous coaching. Happily, a couple of workout routines that get the decrease again prepared for motion are warm-up exercises you ought to be doing often. Workouts like planks, hip extensions, chook canines, and the superman prepare your stabilizer muscle mass to prepare for bigger heavier compound workout routines.

Woman doing bird dog
Credit score: fizkes / Shutterstock

Analysis suggests {that a} mixture of core-focused exercises in a number of planes of movement may help get defend the decrease again throughout lifting. (1)(2) It stands to purpose that these can be good strikes to combine into your warm-up. 

A few of these decrease again defending workout routines are listed under within the type of a decrease again warm-up. Combine these strikes into your bigger warm-up everytime you’re planning to carry out strikes that put compressive forces in your backbone.

In case your decrease again tends to be stiff, be sure you go straight out of your warm-up into your coaching session. Analysis means that athletes who comply with a dynamic warm-up with bench relaxation expertise extra decrease again stiffness than athletes who go straight from a dynamic warm-up into their coaching. (3)

How one can Defend Your Decrease Again When Lifting Weights

Protecting your decrease again protected throughout weight coaching is a essential a part of each longevity and instant security. The very last thing you need to do is throw your again out once you’re on the point of go for a new personal record

You additionally need to keep away from forcing your approach by lower back stiffness and pain. This could negatively affect your exercises within the quick time period and set you up for persistent ache and harm in the long run.

First issues first: seek the advice of a health care provider, bodily therapist, or one other certified well being skilled for those who’re involved in any approach about your decrease again throughout lifting. However after getting the all-clear to work out, listed below are some ideas and tips for protecting your self as protected as doable.

Use Image-Good Type

All through your coaching session, preserve an emphasis on good form. Squats and deadlifts are two actions particularly that rely closely in your decrease again to offer structural integrity and help. With these actions, preserve your type completely locked in. Keep away from rounding your again on the backside of your squat and preserve a impartial backbone throughout your deadlifts.

Granted, what seems to be like good type on your health club buddy could also be completely different than what it’s for you. All the pieces from limb length and body type to a lifter’s private preferences and harm historical past will affect what an efficient stance seems to be like from individual to individual. That mentioned, as soon as what type is healthiest and only for you, keep it up — with each rep.

“Cheat” Selectively

With sure workout routines, you will get away with utilizing a little bit of physique English to assist kip the weights. “Dishonest” your type might assist you to squeeze out a pair more reps on the finish of your set — however that’s not all the time useful on your decrease again.

For instance, physique English with a regular bent-over row might trigger you to lose the integrity of your again’s place.

Prioritize defending your decrease again throughout all exercises — not simply throughout strikes that particularly goal your decrease again. For those who’re going to cheat your type, accomplish that solely with workout routines that support your chest. With a supported T-bar row or incline susceptible dumbbell rows, for instance, you’ll be much less more likely to throw your decrease again out with momentum.

Equally, if you wish to use momentum to eke a couple of extra dumbbell curls out, carry out them sitting on an incline bench. That approach, you received’t be hyperextending your decrease again to kip the weights up. As a substitute, will probably be supported by the bench and principally out of hurt’s approach.

Don’t Simply Elevate Weights

Defending your decrease again can be about decreasing any ache that you have already got. Work with a health care provider, bodily therapist, or one other certified well being skilled to handle any again ache you may need. 

That mentioned, for those who’re bodily in a position and cleared to take action, take into account taking walks along with your strength training routine. (4)(2) Integrating strolling into your program might assist scale back signs of again ache greater than resistance coaching alone. (4)(2)

When mixed with workout routines designed to emphasise lumbar stability, strolling additionally appears to assist stop decrease again ache attributable to elevated muscular endurance. (2)

Incorporate Core Work

Conventional ab workout routines aren’t all the time working your decrease again straight. However analysis means that strengthening your deep abdominal muscles — like your transverse abdominis — may help relieve decrease again ache. (5)

A person doing a side plank.
Credit score: Reshetnikov_art / Shutterstock

Work on stabilizing your core to help your again as a lot as doable. (1)(2) Facet planks, indirect twists, wooden chops, bird dogs, bridges, and lifeless bugs could be notably useful right here. (1)(2)

How one can Prepare Your Decrease Again

For a muscle group as articulate and necessary because the lumbar backbone, you have to be exact and tactical about the way you program your movements. Decrease again coaching is important for robust athletic efficiency, however you’ve bought to get the how and when proper.

Decrease Again Workouts Choice

Sure, you’ll need to prepare your decrease again particularly if you wish to make certain your decrease again is in top condition. However typically, the decrease again workout routines on this checklist received’t be the key lifts in a power coaching program. As a substitute, these will likely be programmed along with your massive lifts — Olympic actions and powerlifting movements like snatches or again squats.

Select decrease back-specific workout routines that help your total coaching objectives. For instance, for those who’re constructing max power in your deadlift, you would possibly need to add rack pulls as soon as per week to offer your self that additional heavy pulling stimulus. 

A person doing a superman.
Credit score: MDV Edwards / Shutterstock

Then again, for those who’re getting near a meet or one-rep max try and have to cut back any non-competition lifts, keep on with bodyweight-only moves just like the superman. These strikes will preserve your decrease again in motion with out contributing to total fatigue.

Decrease Again Train Order

If a powerful backbone is your important purpose, doing all your decrease again workout routines early into the exercise is sensible. Nevertheless, there’s one important caveat. Since the lumbar backbone is the primary help construction for nearly every compound lift you carry out — from rows to deadlifts to the overhead press — you don’t need to fatigue it too exhausting for those who’ve bought different lifts to carry out in the identical session.

To develop decrease again power, carry out compound lifts that take a look at the muscle mass isometrically first after which transfer to lower-back-specific accent work in direction of the tip of your exercise. 

Decrease Again Units and Reps

For many decrease back-specific actions, you received’t be attempting to max out. Even strikes like bent-over rows — which may get fairly darn heavy — received’t usually be taken to the heaviest weight possible.

Nonetheless, for these larger compound actions, you’ll probably prepare to help max power objectives sooner or later. In any other case, you’ll be coaching for hypertrophy, endurance, or just to heat up. Listed below are some programming choices for you.

  • For Power: Do three to 4 units of 4 to 6 reps.
  • For Muscle Progress: Carry out three to 5 units of eight to fifteen reps, relying on the kind of train* (use increased reps for bodyweight-only workout routines).
  • For Endurance: Particularly for those who’re simply utilizing your physique weight, goal for 2 to 4 units of 15 to 25 reps.
  • For Warm-Ups: Do one to 2 rounds of workout routines, starting from 10 to fifteen reps per train.

* If the train is timed (for instance, facet planks and even kettlebell swings), construct up your endurance over time. Begin by holding a motion or performing reps for 15 seconds. When that turns into simple, add time step by step till you’re in a position to proceed for 60 to 90 seconds.

Advantages of Coaching Your Decrease Again  

The decrease again’s muscle mass present the muse so that you can get stronger, assist stop you from getting injured, and permit the larger muscle mass to do their job. Listed below are different necessary advantages of coaching the decrease again.

Improved Posture

A stronger decrease again will make it simpler to maintain an upright posture, particularly throughout the workday when many individuals are sitting for hours on end. Plus, decrease again power means you’ll usually be much less susceptible to the usual aches and pains related to yard work, taking part in together with your youngsters, and taking pictures hoops with your mates. 

Elevated Power

The erector muscle mass run alongside the backbone. They play an necessary function in spinal stability and stop undesirable motion by protecting the backbone impartial beneath load. This turns out to be useful whereas squatting and deadlifting, but in addition operating, leaping, and even bending over to choose up your pockets.

Consider the decrease again muscle mass as the muse of a home. The stronger the muse, the longer the home will stand. Having a stronger decrease again means you’ll be extra secure during heavy lifts and athletic actions, which can turn out to be useful to athletes as wide-ranging as CrossFitters and strongwomen.

The decrease again performs a job in extending the hips throughout the lockout portion of squats and deadlifts. It additionally works to maintain the backbone impartial throughout deep hinges (like deadlifts and good morning) and the underside of a squat, the place the shear and compressive forces can hurt the decrease again.

Damage Prevention

We’re going to preface this one by saying that it’s best to see a health care provider for those who’re having any decrease again ache. Direct decrease again coaching shouldn’t be seen as a solution to lower back pain. Nevertheless, a stronger decrease again could also be higher geared up for the overall bodily stressors that on a regular basis life brings. Consider decrease again coaching as a (doable) ache prevention plan. 

Anatomy of the Decrease Again

Your decrease again incorporates necessary muscle mass and 5 lumbar vertebrae (L1-L5). Understanding how they work is necessary to sustaining a wholesome and resilient decrease again to maintain you lifting longer and stronger. Right here’s a breakdown of the anatomy of the decrease again. 


The decrease again area has 5 vertebrae, denoted L1-L5. As a bunch, the lumbar vertebrae produce a lordotic curve and have the most important our bodies of the complete backbone. This improve in dimension displays the duty of the lumbar spine in supporting the entire upper body. L1-L5 permits actions reminiscent of flexion, extension, and lateral flexion however prevents rotation. (6)

Erector Spinae Muscular tissues

Three decrease again muscle mass type a column, referred to as the erector spinae. The erector spinae is positioned posterior and laterally to the spinal column and runs from the decrease again and hips to the cervical (neck) spine. Aesthetically, the erector spinae are the tenderloin-looking muscle mass that run vertically subsequent to the backbone. These three muscle mass are:

  • Spinalis: The spinalis is the smallest muscle right here and is the closest to the spinal column. Its features are turning facet to facet, and it helps control your head once you’re trying up.
  • Longissimus: That is the center half and the most important muscle of the three muscle mass. Its features are lateral flexion and extension of the backbone and assist flip your head backward and forward.
  • Iliocostalis: The Iliocostalis is the furthest away from the backbone and begins on the sacrum. Its features are lateral flexion and spinal extension.

Extra Decrease Again Coaching Suggestions

Your lower back isn’t to be trifled with — and it’s additionally not a area you need to ignore. This space of your physique is a essential a part of most compound lifts. To ensure your lifts total keep robust and that you just keep limber in your day by day life, you’ve bought to offer your decrease again the eye it wants.

Now that you’ve got a deal with on the most effective decrease again workout routines to strengthen your lumbar area, you may also try these different useful back training articles:


  1. Akhtar MW, Karimi H, Gilani SA. Effectiveness of core stabilization workout routines and routine train remedy in administration of ache in persistent non-specific low again ache: A randomized managed scientific trial. Pak J Med Sci. 2017 Jul-Aug;33(4):1002-1006.
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  5. Amit, Okay., Manish, G., & Taruna, Okay. (2013). Impact of trunk muscle mass stabilization workout routines and normal workout routines on ache in recurrent non particular low again ache. Int Res J Med Sci, 1(1), 23-6.
  6. Joshua A. Waxenbaum; Vamsi Reddy; Caroline Williams; Bennett Futterman. Anatomy, Again, Lumbar Vertebrae

Featured Picture: fizkes / Shutterstock

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