The 5 Best Inner Chest Exercises for Beefy Pecs

Interior chest, outer chest, decrease chest, higher chest … chest. Common gymgoers, full-time bodybuilders and, heck, even strength athletes of all stripes need a broad, highly effective, three-dimensional pair of pecs. 

If you wish to construct the most effective model of your chest, it’s essential look past the bench press. Opposite to what you may hear across the water fountain at your native gymnasium, you can train your inner chest to a significant diploma. 

A person doing High-to-Low Cable Flye.
Credit score: andreonegin / Shutterstock

Doing so would require creativity, ingenuity, and an intensive understanding of your personal anatomy. Oh, and also you’ll should work arduous, too. These are 5 of the most effective workout routines you may carry out to blast your inner chest, plus the right way to weave them into your subsequent pec exercise. 

Finest Interior Chest Workout routines

Deficit Weighted Push-Up

Vary of movement is the secret in the case of comprehensive chest development. To ensure that you simply’re not leaving a single chest fiber untouched, it is best to try to work your pecs via as massive a variety of movement as you may comfortably go.

The common-or-garden push-up could also be too simple to induce real muscular hypertrophy. Nonetheless, slap a plate in your decrease again and place some blocks below your palms, and also you’ve received a special beast totally, particularly on your inside pecs. 

Advantages of the Deficit Weighted Push-Up

Easy methods to Do the Deficit Weighted Push-Up

Get a pair of froth blocks or flooring handles to raise your palms. Then, assume a standard push-up position. Your finest guess for exterior resistance is to have a pal place a weight plate in your higher again. 

When you’re arrange, descend into a push-up by bending on the elbows and reducing your chest all the way down to the ground. Descend till your chest touches the bottom and also you expertise a deep stretch across your chest, after which forcefully press again up. 

Excessive-to-Low Cable Flye

Any chest workout price its salt has at the least one cable exercise included. Relating to guaranteeing you’re hitting your inside chest correctly, the high-to-low cable flye is second-to-none. 

Not solely will you discover that the exercise attacks your pecs total, however pulling from a excessive attachment ought to make it fairly intuitive to essentially squeeze your inside pecs on the finish of every repetition. 

Advantages of the Excessive-to-Low Cable Flye

  • Gives fixed stress to your pecs.
  • Cables make it simple to “really feel” your inside chest working.
  • Easy to carry out and means that you can modify resistance shortly. 

Easy methods to Do the Excessive-to-Low Cable Flye

Set a dual cable station such that the handles are at or above shoulder peak. Seize every deal with and step away from the station till the plates come off the stack. Then, with unlocked however mostly-straight elbows, draw your arms throughout your physique till your palms come collectively.

Maintain for a beat on the finish and actually squeeze your pecs earlier than slowly reversing the movement. Permit the cables to drag your arms open slowly. 

Single-Arm Cable Press-Round

For those who’re attempting to develop a selected area of a specific muscle, it is best to in all probability embrace equally specialised workout routines. This one is an actual deal with, and also you’ve in all probability by no means carried out it earlier than. 

The single-arm cable press-around mixes prolonged ranges of movement with fixed stress from a cable tree to ship an unparalleled stage of mechanical stress to your pecs. It must be greater than sufficient to get your inner chest within the recreation. 

Advantages of the Single-Arm Cable Press-Round

  • Places a novel twist on chest training that you could’t get from many different actions.
  • Applies constant stress to your pecs via their full contractile vary.
  • Permits you to work unilaterally to deal with any imbalances. 

Easy methods to Do the Single-Arm Cable Press-Round

Set a cable fixture round waist peak and seize the deal with together with your working arm. Flip away from the deal with such that your arm is being pulled out and behind you. Then, press the deal with out and throughout your torso. 

Make a deliberate effort to cross your midline with the cable. You might bend your elbow as a lot as wanted, however focus arduous on pushing your upper arm “into” your chest. 

Incline Hex Press

No, this motion gained’t put a spell on you — the hex press will get its identify from the truth that, ideally, you’d carry out this motion with a pair of hexagonally-sided dumbbells. This lets you push them towards each other all through every repetition, including additional isometric tension to your pecs. 

You need to use conventional circular-plated dumbbells and just do advantageous. Hop on an incline bench and also you’ll see that this motion completely demolishes your inside pecs. 

Advantages of the Incline Hex Press

  • Lets you hit your upper chest and inner chest concurrently.
  • Gives additional stress to your shoulders and triceps.
  • Handy to carry out because you solely want dumbbells and a bench.

Easy methods to Do the Incline Hex Press

Set an adjustable bench such that the again pad is between 30 and 45 levels relative to the ground. Seize a pair of dumbbells and sit on the bench. Press the dumbbells up over your head after which set them collectively on the high. 

Then, decrease them down slowly till they contact your chest earlier than urgent aggressively again up. The dumbbells ought to keep in touch with one another the entire manner. Squeeze your pecs together to make sure they keep in touch.

Dumbbell Bench Press

Any good chest-building program — whether or not it’s essential convey up a lagging space or not — ought to start with a strong basis. That basis, usually talking, will probably be a loadable urgent motion. 

The barbell has earned its stripes within the weight room after which some, however if you wish to make each final fiber in your chest (together with and particularly your inside chest fibers) work as arduous as they’ll, it is best to in all probability head to the dumbbell rack as a substitute. 

Advantages of the Dumbbell Bench Press

  • Gives carryover energy to different chest workout routines.
  • Simpler to study than the barbell variation.
  • Means that you can work every of your arms independently. 

Easy methods to Do the Dumbbell Bench Press

Get ahold of a flat bench and a pair of moderate-to-heavy dumbbells. Sit down on the sting of the bench with a dumbbell resting on every knee. In a single fluid movement, kick off the ground and sit again with the dumbbells — use your knees to information them into place above your shoulders.

When you’re arrange, slowly bend your elbows and decrease the weights down and out so far as you may comfortably go. Ideally, it is best to descend till your upper arm is at the least parallel to the floor. Reverse the movement and push the weights up and in on the identical time. 

Anatomy of the Chest

In order for you a pair of pecs that flip heads, the very last thing it is best to do is take pictures at midnight. Haphazardly sticking workout routines into your workout plan with out realizing the “why” is a recipe for suboptimal outcomes.

That is particularly essential for those who’re attempting to convey up your inside chest. There’s nuance to addressing weak points in bodybuilding; your first step must be to know your personal chest anatomy. 

The “Interior Chest”

The musculature of your chest is split into two distinct tissues; the small, unseen-by-the-naked-eye pectoralis minor, and the extra outstanding pec main. The pec main has two heads; sternocostal and clavicular. Each connect to your humerus, regardless of originating from completely different factors. 

Anatomically, there’s no distinct “inside chest” compartment in your pecs. Your inside chest is extra of a visible descriptor, slightly than a separate muscle that you could prepare in isolation. When bodybuilders discuss coaching their inside chests, what they’re actually discussing is regional hypertrophy — working a selected a part of a selected muscle. 

Close up of a muscular chest.
Credit score: Sergey Chips / Shutterstock

Is regional hypertrophy potential? The present scientific literature isn’t so positive, however there’s some compelling proof. Some information has proven that changing your foot angle when utilizing the leg extension machine can create extra muscular engagement in sure components of your quadriceps. (1)

Extra particular research on workout routines just like the bench press reveal related findings. Altering the angle from which you carry out a bench press impacts which areas of the pecs “gentle up” throughout electromyographical (EMG) evaluation. (2) In easy phrases, there’s some credibility to inner-chest-biased training, however there isn’t revealed proof immediately supporting it in a medical setting. 

Interior Chest Coaching Ideas

To get essentially the most out of your chest exercises and construct up your inside pecs, stick to those guiding rules. This isn’t a listing of must-do actions or arduous guidelines; consider the following tips because the overarching framework for proper training

Discover Your Line (of Pull)

As a bodybuilder, the most effective issues you are able to do on every train, inside purpose, is to customize your setup or execution. Adjusting the way you carry out, say, a cable flye, such that the road of pull matches the orientation of your chest fibers, could make all of the distinction.

Bodybuilder doing chest flyes
Credit score: Labedev Roman Olegovih / Shutterstock

A lot of the fibers in your pecs run horizontally, so your arm ought to transfer alongside an analogous path. Altering your line of pull ought to create a tangible distinction in how an train feels. Take the time to be sure to “discover” your inside chest on every train you carry out. 

Really feel It, Significantly

Coaching by really feel isn’t at all times sensible. Relating to programming, it is best to comply with some type of periodization or plan. Nonetheless, in bodybuilding, feeling the working muscle is essential, significantly throughout isolation workout routines. 

This isn’t superstition, it’s science. Some literature has mentioned the implications of the mind-muscle connection, suggesting that actively specializing in the realm in query (on this case, your inside chest) could also be a viable technique for increasing hypertrophy. (3)

Use Isolation Actions

Giant compound exercises that work a number of muscle groups concurrently must be the spine of your workout routine. That stated, you may’t carve out the finer particulars of your physique for those who solely work with a sledgehammer. Typically you want a scalpel; focused isolation workout routines.

In your inside chest, it is best to rely closely on single-joint movements like flyes. These smaller workout routines restrict the quantity of weight you should use however are difficult all the identical. They’re additionally usually simple to stabilize and don’t tax your cardiovascular system very a lot, so you may commit all your consideration to squeezing your inside chest. 

Train Endurance

It’s relevant to just about all fitness goals, but it surely bears repeating — growing muscle takes time. That is doubly true for those who’re attempting to make a noticeable change to a muscle you’ve already labored arduous on for a number of years. 

A person doing a cable flye
Credit score: MDV Edwards / Shutterstock

When your weight room profession is in its infancy, your muscle groups develop like weeds. You typically see seen adjustments within the mirror on a month-to-month foundation. When you’ve got a couple of years of coaching below your belt, get comfortable with the process. You possibly can undoubtedly construct up your inside chest, simply know that it gained’t occur in a single day. 

Three-Dimensional Chest Features

There’s no disgrace in wanting a chest to be pleased with. The bench press will take you far, however elevating your pec recreation to the following stage will in all probability take a finer contact. To construct up your inside chest, you want the right exercises. Fortunately, now you might have them at your disposal. The remaining is as much as you. 


  1. Stoutenberg, M., Pluchino, A. P., Ma, F., Hoctor, J. E., & Signorile, J. F. (2005). The impression of foot place on electromyographical exercise of the superficial quadriceps muscle groups throughout leg extension. Journal of energy and conditioning analysis, 19(4), 931–938. 
  2. Glass, Stephen C.; Armstrong, Ty. Electromyographical Exercise of the Pectoralis Muscle Throughout Incline and Decline Bench Presses. Journal of Power and Conditioning Analysis 11(3):p 163-167, August 1997. 
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Featured Picture: andreonegin / Shutterstock

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