The Best Short-Head Biceps Exercises to Round Out Your Upper Arms

Make a journey to the health club and gaze within the mirror. The biceps are one of many muscle groups individuals will seemingly be staring on the most. All method of posing revolves across the sleeve-expanding potential of the higher arms. 

The extra you understand about your biceps, the higher outfitted you might be to construct them out. This muscle has two heads — the biceps lengthy head and the biceps brief head. Whereas each heads of the biceps are necessary, specializing in the brief head, AKA your inside biceps, can create a extra pronounced and aesthetically pleasing rounded look. 

A bodybuilder with dumbbells, doing biceps curls
Credit score: FXQuadro / Shutterstock

When you can’t fully isolate the brief head, you may carry out sure workout routines — suppose: curls — that can emphasize and activate the inside biceps muscle. Listed here are 5 of the most effective short-head biceps workout routines and a few useful coaching instruments to create a well-rounded arm workout.

Finest Quick-Head Biceps Workouts

Reverse-Grip Inverted Row

In the event you’ve been within the health club and seen somebody hanging horizontally from the bar on a Smith machine, you’ve seemingly witnessed some severe biceps energy within the making. Inverted rows aren’t only a great back-builder — in addition they pack a strong punch to the biceps.

By utilizing a reverse grip, you’ll be biasing your biceps much more. Simply be sure you’re pulling as much as the highest of your vary of movement with each rep. You don’t need to go away any potential muscle progress on the ground.

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Inverted rows will construct your lats and enhance your pulling energy with simply your physique weight. You may simply scale this motion by adjusting your foot placement and the bar peak. Additionally, the inverted row is a beginner-friendly transfer that may aid you strengthen your again and biceps on your first pull-up or chin-up.

Methods to Do the Reverse-Grip Inverted Row

  1. Place a barbell in a squat rack or use the bar from a Smith machine. Safe the bar excessive sufficient for you to have the ability to cling beneath it with straight arms.
  2. Grip the bar with an underhand grip about shoulder-width aside. Scoot beneath the bar, strolling your ft ahead till you’re hanging beneath it.
  3. Drive your elbows again and down towards your again pockets, pulling till your chest touches the bar otherwise you hit your higher vary of movement.
  4. Decrease your self right down to the beginning place. Keep management and maintain your core secure. 

Coach’s Tip: The extra horizontal you might be and the straighter your legs, the tougher this transfer shall be. To make it simpler, plant your ft on the bottom with bent knees or increase the bar so that you’re much less horizontal throughout your pull.

Units and Reps: Carry out two to 4 units to at least one or two reps shy of failure.

TRX Suspension Curl

Utilizing TRX suspension ropes generally is a great assist in studying the right way to management your physique in house. The extra kinesthetic consciousness you will have, the higher you’ll be capable of carry out beneath a loaded barbell. And in relation to coaching your inside biceps, there’s virtually nothing just like the TRX suspension curl.

This biceps curl variation not solely works your goal muscle. It additionally forces you to stabilize via your core, enhance your stability, and increase strength total. But once more, you gained’t even want any weights to carry out this transfer, making it very accessible to athletes working from a house health club. 

You solely want your physique weight to do that train, making it very accessible for folk understanding of their home gym. The TRX suspension curl could be very straightforward to scale; shift your legs to make your physique kind of horizontal with the bottom. You’ll additionally problem your core since you’ll want to take care of a plank throughout a dynamic upper-body exercise.

Methods to Do the TRX Suspension Curl

  1. Safe the suspension ropes to a secure anchor level above your head. Seize onto one deal with with every hand.
  2. Step towards the anchor level, letting your arms prolong outward. Your physique shall be angled away from the TRX, together with your ft out forward of the place your higher physique is. Rotate your fingers in order that your palms are going through up. 
  3. Curl your physique weight up by squeezing the underside of your biceps along with the highest of your forearm.
  4. Slowly prolong your arms till you attain the beginning place once more.

Coach’s Tip: Maintain your physique in a plank throughout your complete set. Goal to maintain your hips in keeping with your shoulders and ft.

Units and Reps: Do two to 4 units to close failure.

Spider Curl

You don’t must be a fan of arachnids to get robust with this one. The title doesn’t check with the creature, however relatively to the place you’ll assume through the train. It’ll be a bit like a preacher curl however together with your complete chest supported by an incline weight bench.

Having help on your chest will present exterior stability that ensures you’ll be specializing in nothing aside from the load. Keep away from jerking upward together with your decrease again, as an alternative bearing down in your chest and stomach to ship all of the emphasis to your inside biceps.

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Since you’ll have the exterior help of the load bench, all you’ll want to fret about is transferring the load. The spider curl permits your arms to return to full extension on the backside of your reps, which maximizes your vary of movement. You are able to do this transfer with dumbbells or an EZ bar to make it customizable.

Methods to Do the Spider Curl

  1. Arrange an adjustable bench on an incline. Lie on it face down.
  2. Attain down to seize an EZ bar or dumbbells, or have a spotter move them to you. Curl the weights towards the underside of the bench.
  3. Squeeze your biceps on the high of your contraction. Take your time decreasing the load on the eccentric portion of the elevate.

Coach’s Tip: This is likely to be a difficult one to get into place for in case you don’t have somebody to move you the weights. It’s okay if you should shimmy slightly awkwardly to get the job completed.

Units and Reps: Carry out two to 4 units of eight to fifteen reps.

Zottman Curl

In the event you’re within the enterprise of constructing larger biceps, you might be in search of larger forearms, as nicely. On the very least, you most likely need to be certain they’re each as robust as might be to help your larger lifts. Luckily, the Zottman curl will help you in all these respects.

Because you’ll be rotating the dumbbell mid-rep, your biceps shall be hit from all angles throughout this transfer. Your inside biceps will really feel the pump, particularly whenever you deal with squeezing your biceps on the high as you rotate your palms.


This transfer improves grip strength and helps work your complete arm. The Zottman curl prompts your forearms, priming you for progress. You’ll emphasize your inside biceps with this train as you progress via totally different arm angles with every rep.

Methods to Do the Zottman Curl

  1. Maintain a dumbbell in every hand together with your palms going through up.
  2. Slowly curl the weights towards you, contracting your muscle groups as laborious as attainable.
  3. Rotate your fingers on the high of your contraction in order that your palms are going through down.
  4. Slowly decrease the load.

Coach’s Tip: Most biceps curl variations can have you squeezing on the high — however through the Zottman curl, you’ll be squeezing and rotating your palms on the identical time. Don’t neglect this, as a result of it’s what is going to actually gentle up your biceps brief head.

Units and Reps: Carry out three to 4 units of six to eight reps.

Excessive Pulley Cable Curl 

This motion could also be one of many hardest short-head biceps workout routines to do appropriately. For that reason, the excessive pulley cable curl is greatest for superior lifters. 

You’ll want to take care of a excessive degree of energy and stability via your core and shoulders, all whereas paying a variety of consideration to your biceps themselves. Your shoulders would possibly get drained earlier than your biceps do. Struggle to take care of good type all through.

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Utilizing the cable machine creates accommodating resistance, which means that you simply’ll spend extra time beneath high-quality rigidity. The positioning of the excessive pulley cable curl works the core and different stabilizer muscle groups. Your inside biceps will really feel the pump.

Methods to Do the Excessive Pulley Cable Curl

  1. Stand in the midst of the cable machine and produce the pulleys on either side to shoulder peak. Connect D-handles to every facet. Select your required resistance.
  2. Seize a deal with in every hand. Stand tall. Keep away from leaning backward, ahead, or to at least one facet or the opposite.
  3. Curl each fingers in the direction of the perimeters of your head till your fingers are stacked above your shoulders 
  4. Maintain the totally contracted place and squeeze. Return slowly again to the beginning place.

Coach’s Tip: In the event you can’t maintain your higher arms parallel to the ground whereas sustaining a robust contraction, you would possibly need to decrease the load.

Units and Reps: Carry out three to 4 units of 12 to fifteen reps.

Quick Head Biceps Heat-Up

Frequently stretching your biceps will help enhance flexibility and efficiency whereas probably rushing up restoration. 

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On this warm-up, you’ll do some static stretches first to get you linked with these muscle groups. It’s also possible to simply combine these strikes into each day mobility exercises.

  • Standing Biceps Stretch: 30 seconds per facet
  • Wall Nook Stretch: 30 seconds per facet
  • Behind-the-Again Biceps Stretch: 30 seconds per facet
  • Forearm Rock: 30 seconds
  • Resistance Band Curl: 15-25 reps

In the event you’re going significantly heavy with a specific train, be sure you additionally carry out ramp-up sets. Don’t soar instantly into the large weights. As an alternative, let your muscle groups, tendons, and joints acclimate to the pressure steadily for greatest outcomes.

Methods to Practice Your Biceps Quick Head

Sure, you most likely get a variety of coaching stimulus to your biceps out of your regularly-scheduled workout routines. Deadlifts, pull-ups, and row variations all contribute to biceps energy and progress. However if you wish to get particular together with your biceps brief head, right here’s how.

Quick Head Biceps Train Choice

Selecting workout routines is one thing you at all times need to do strategically. Contemplate how a lot work your biceps are getting in the remainder of your program and what your objectives are. In the event you’re getting loads of biceps stimulation out of your foremost program and simply need to get them slightly further energy, you could not want so as to add many workout routines.

A group of people doing TRX suspension curls.
Credit score: Viktoriia Hnatiuk / Shutterstock

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However in case you’re trying to construct much more muscle, emphasize each isolation and compound exercises that target your inside biceps. Contemplate including them to part of your exercise the place you’re nonetheless contemporary as an alternative of holding them till final as a way to deal with them totally.

Quick Head Biceps Units and Reps

In the end, coaching the brief head of your biceps is about coaching… nicely, your biceps. However for the workout routines emphasised right here, there are specific set and rep methods you would possibly need to use to maximise your progress potential.

  • For Power: Goal for 3 units of eight to 10 reps with comparatively heavy weight. Your biceps is just not a big muscle, so that you’re not going to dive into decrease rep ranges such as you would with larger compound workout routines. 
  • For Muscle Progress: To stimulate hypertrophy, use reasonably heavy weights and carry out three to 4 units of eight to 12 reps. Goal to carry out reps to failure.
  • For Endurance: Use difficult however gentle weight and deal with peak muscle contraction. Carry out two to 3 units of 15 to twenty reps. 

If you wish to improve the depth, think about using drop sets to get your self the pump you’re trying to find. This methodology is particularly common when coaching your biceps. This model of coaching permits you to fatigue the muscle tremendously. 

Right here’s the right way to do it: begin through the use of a weight the place you’ll hit failure at 10 to 12 reps. Drop down a number of kilos and go to failure once more; repeat till you attain a weight that’s both too gentle to be troublesome or you may’t proceed additional.

Quick Head Biceps Coaching Ideas

Earlier than you begin coaching your biceps, keep in mind that sluggish and regular means further time beneath rigidity. And time beneath rigidity can yield far more progress. Biceps coaching needs to be centered on the extreme and intentional contraction of the muscle for probably the most beneficial properties. Actively specializing in squeezing the muscle as you carry out will create extra hypertrophy and your required outcome. 

Concentrate on Type 

Your mind-muscle connection is commonly thought of to be of major significance when coaching for hypertrophy. Particularly with smaller muscle groups just like the biceps, you’ll need to take note of type above all else.

An athlete exercising his biceps with an EZ bar.
Credit score: Dragon Photographs / Shutterstock

Think about using a wall or bench for help throughout your biceps coaching to be sure you’re within the correct place. This added stability could aid you keep away from utilizing momentum unintentionally. However, you should use momentum strategically towards the top of your units that can assist you eke out a number of reps earlier than failure.

Diversify Your Tools 

The wonderful thing about the best biceps exercises is the varied gear you should use to focus on the identical muscle in numerous methods. Make the most of TRX suspension ropes, EZ bars, barbells, dumbbells, cable machines, and pull-up bars to deal with the inside biceps. 

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Utilizing totally different gear means you may come at your exercise — and your muscle groups — from totally different angles. By making the most of totally different coaching implements, you’ll even be maintaining your exercises from getting mentally stale. Since focusing in your mind-muscle connection is so necessary with isolation workout routines like these, you’ll must be very mentally current.

Don’t Neglect Your Compound Lifts 

Compound workout routines contain your bigger muscle groups and prolong throughout a number of joints. If you’re trying to find compound lifts that can emphasize your biceps, suppose chin-ups and inverted rows. Program these larger lifts earlier in your exercise so you may assault them with probably the most vitality.

A person with tattoos doing chin-ups in the gym.
Credit score: Jacob Lund / Shutterstock

Alternatively, if you wish to pre-exhaust your muscle groups, you are able to do your compound workout routines final. That approach, your muscle groups will already be fatigued so you may push your self to failure much more.

Anatomy of the Biceps 

Technically generally known as the biceps brachii, your biceps has two “heads” — one lengthy, and one brief. They’re the identical muscle, however as a result of they’ve barely totally different areas, you could discover them in numerous methods.

Biceps Quick Head

On the finish of the day, the brief head and lengthy head of your biceps actually aren’t all that totally different. However the brief head sits on the within of your arm — therefore, forming your “inside” biceps. That is that good peak you would possibly discover when flexing immediately within the mirror.

Biceps Lengthy Head

However, the lengthy head of your biceps is positioned extra towards the surface of your arm. In the event you’re posing with a digital camera going through your again, that’s the a part of the biceps that shall be extra outstanding.

Extra Coaching Content material

Now that you simply’ve acquired the most effective short-head biceps workout routines beneath your belt, it is likely to be time to develop your sleeve-busting repertoire. With consistency and dedication, you’ll see the outcomes you’re on the lookout for very quickly.

Listed here are another muscle teams you would possibly need to develop subsequent.

Featured Picture: FXQuadro / Shutterstock

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