The Definitive Guide on How to Lat Spread Like a Pro Bodybuilder

In the direction of the top of the seminal 1977 bodybuilding documentary Pumping Iron, Mr. Universe Franco Columbu stands onstage for the prejudging on the 1975 Mr. Olympia contest in Pretoria, South Africa. Pivoting upstage, the diminutive Sardinian locations his fingers on his waist and spreads his higher again. 

As he settles into the pose, Columbu’s lats — the thick muscle groups that run from the armpits to the edges of the waist — appear virtually impossibly vast, practically eclipsing the area between his elbows and torso. As he holds the pose, bodybuilders Danny Padilla and Ken Waller, sitting behind the judges, are astonished.

“He might fly with that,” says Padilla. 

“We’ll name him The Bat any longer,” says Waller. “Franco the Bat.” 

To a aggressive bodybuilder, the lat unfold is a vital ability, akin to a squat for a powerlifter or a snatch for a weightlifter. Personal the pose, and you’ve got a shot at physique-sport greatness. 

For everybody else, a lat unfold exhibits off your muscular growth and will get you extra linked to your physique. So how do you do it? As with every bodybuilding pose, you want muscle mass and the appropriate expertise. Right here’s your information to getting each — you’ll learn to lat unfold and make it look good.

What Is a Lat Unfold?

Aggressive bodybuilding exhibits happen in a number of levels, or rounds, together with an early spherical of obligatory poses that show the physique’s main muscle teams. Spreading the lats is integral to 2 of those poses — the entrance and rear lat unfold.

Muscular person flare their lats out like a bodybuilder.
Tanya Lapidus / Shutterstock

Your lats are the massive muscle groups operating down the edges of your again. In the event you increase your arms above your head, you’ll possible really feel or see your lats shifting up with the movement alongside the center and higher elements of your rib cage. On individuals with greater lats, they may tackle a V-shape, together with your lat muscle groups extending outward to the edges out of your higher torso.

A well-executed lat unfold is supposed to indicate off each how vast and the way thick your lats are. It is a essential a part of bodybuilding, each once you’re dealing with away from the judges and dealing with towards them.

Find out how to Lat Unfold

In contrast to, say, flexing your biceps, activating your lats could be tough at first. In the event you’re not used to flexing them, do this:

  1. Push your chest ahead. 
  2. Push your shoulders downwards in direction of your hips, as if performing the alternative of a shrugging motion (this contracts the lats). 
  3. Sustaining the stress in your lats, push your shoulder blades outward out of your backbone and maintain the place. 

Bingo: you’re spreading your lats. And in the event you look — and really feel — a little bit like a cobra spreading its hood, you’re doing it proper. 

Find out how to Entrance Lat Unfold

When you’ve received this down, you’ll wish to refine the pose in order that the remainder of your physique will get in on the motion. 

Right here’s how you can do the entrance model: 

  1. Stand, legs collectively and ft barely askew, together with your fingers excessive in your hips.
  2. Tense your legs to deliver out the muscle groups of your thighs.
  3. Elevate your chest excessive.
  4. Pinch the edges of your waist between your thumbs and your index fingers. 
  5. Widen your shoulders and flare your lats out so far as attainable.
  6. Contract your chest muscle groups.

It’s a formidable look. Google pictures of “Lee Haney NYC manhole” for an iconic instance. 

Find out how to Rear Lat Unfold 

The rear lat unfold is analogous, although there are refined variations within the setup and execution. Right here’s the way it goes:

  1. Stand together with your again to the viewers (actual or imagined). 
  2. The first step leg backward and lift that heel barely off the bottom, contracting your calf as onerous as you may. 
  3. Pinch the edges of your waist between your thumbs and your index fingers. 
  4. Spherical your chest barely ahead and flare your lats out so far as attainable.

The massive distinction: within the rear lat unfold, you spherical your chest barely ahead to assist create that ultra-wide ‘cobra-hood’ look. 

Anatomy of the Lats

As muscle groups go, the latissimus dorsi are enormous. Every muscle runs outward from a line of connective tissue adjoining to your lumbar backbone to some extent of insertion close to the highest of your higher arm bone. Their operate is to tug your higher arms backward and downward, in addition to hyperlink the thoracolumbar fascia to the shoulder blade and humerus.

How Do Your Lats Work?

Functionally, the lats work along side your traps (the big, trapezoidal muscle groups that cowl a lot of the middle of your higher again) and rhomboids (the smaller muscle groups surrounding the shoulder blades). 

The lats drive any motion that requires you to tug an object towards the entrance of your torso or deliver your physique weight towards a stationary object. You possibly can break these strikes into two main classes:

  • In a vertical pull, the road of resistance runs parallel to your backbone. Examples embrace all varieties of lat pulldowns or pull-ups, through which your arms transfer from overhead to shoulder peak. 
  • In a horizontal pull, the road of resistance runs perpendicular to your backbone. Examples embrace cable rows and inverted rows, through which your fingers transfer from a forward-reach place to a place close to the edges of your torso.

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The Finest Workouts to Enhance Your Lat Unfold

Practising your poses is the easiest way to get higher on the precise posing component of bodybuilding. However nonetheless, you’ll wish to construct highly effective, well-developed lats to make your poses as efficient as attainable.

Finally, your exercises will decide how spectacular you look once you manta ray up. And because the lats are the centerpiece of the lat unfold, step one in filling out this pose is constructing these key muscle groups with pulling actions. 

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1. Assisted Impartial-Grip Pull-Up

Pull-ups are unquestionably an important back-builder, putting enormous calls for on the lats in each the absolutely stretched and the absolutely contracted place. 

The draw back? For all however probably the most seasoned lifters, pull-ups are very, very robust. 

Answer: begin with this band-assisted model, and work as much as the body weight model over time through the use of a barely narrower band each exercise. 

An alternative choice: carry out the transfer together with your ft elevated on a field in entrance of you, or braced in opposition to the chin-up equipment. 

Find out how to Do It

  1. Cling a thick train band excessive of a chin-up bar. Pull the again loop by way of the entrance one and pull it until you’ve got one giant loop. 
  2. Stand beneath the bar and place one knee by way of the loop. 
  3. Seize the parallel handles and hold down together with your arms absolutely prolonged. That is your beginning place. 
  4. Concurrently pull your shoulder blades again and down and bend your arms, elevating your physique upwards until your chin clears the bar, maintaining your higher arms roughly parallel the entire time. 
  5. Pause for a second on the prime. Slowly reverse the transfer, returning to the beginning place. That’s one rep.

As you get stronger, use a thinner band to help you. Over time, you might be able to carry out the transfer with out the band, and even with exterior resistance (comparable to a dumbbell held between your legs).

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2. Huge-Grip Lat Pulldown

Pulldowns assist to widen your lats, filling out the area between your elbows and your torso within the lat unfold.

A person wearing a sports bra and leggings vertically pulling a lat pulldown bar to their chest.
Good Angle Photographs / Shutterstock

The wide-grip place is hard; in the event you’re used to a close-grip variation, cut back the load so you may go for a deep stretch and a full contraction on every rep. 

Find out how to Do It 

  1. Connect a protracted bar to the lat-pulldown unit and choose a medium-heavy weight. 
  2. Take an overhand grip on the bar and sit on the seat, locking your thighs beneath the cross pad. 
  3. Arch your again barely and permit your shoulders to carry so you’re feeling a deep stretch in your lats (that is your beginning place). 
  4. Pull the bar easily all the way down to collarbone peak.
  5. Squeeze your complete higher again musculature and maintain for a one-count.
  6. Slowly reverse the transfer and return to the beginning place. That’s one rep.

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3. Seated Cable Row

This transfer permits for an distinctive ahead stretch of your higher again and lats, which lets you personal the wide-lats place you want for a formidable lat unfold.

Shirtless man performing a seated cable row.
Amorn Suriyan / Shutterstock

In addition they assist to develop thickness in your mid-back, in order that your lat unfold has depth and width.

Find out how to Do It 

  1. Connect a V-grip deal with (the one with two parallel handles set about six inches aside) to the cable of a seated cable row machine. 
  2. Choose a medium-heavy weight on the load stack — lowball it in the event you’re uncertain — and sit on the machine’s seat. 
  3. Place your ft on the footplate, knees barely bent, and preserve them there all through the train. 
  4. Preserving your lower back flat, fold ahead and seize the handles. 
  5. Sit upright together with your arms absolutely prolonged in entrance of you. That is your beginning place. 
  6. Preserving your torso upright, concurrently pull your elbows again and your shoulder blades again and down. 
  7. Squeeze your shoulder blades collectively on the prime of the transfer and maintain for a one-count. 
  8. Slowly reverse the transfer, straightening your arms and returning to the beginning place. That’s one rep.

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Unfold Your Wings

You possibly can’t dominate on stage in case your lats aren’t well-developed. However even an unbelievable set of lats could be hidden away in the event you don’t know how you can greatest present them off. Now that you know the way to make your lats seem bigger than life, you may set your sights on stronger posing — and perhaps even lifting — throughout. Once you learn to lat unfold, your bodybuilding potential will actually take flight.

Featured Picture: Tanya Lapidus / Shutterstock

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