The Five Best Biceps Exercises for the Long Head

For a comparatively small muscle, the biceps positive do command a whole lot of consideration. Most gymgoers regard them as one of many quintessential glamor muscular tissues, whereas bodybuilders could make (or break) their careers based mostly on how they give the impression of being on stage.

So, rising your weapons is clearly necessary, whether or not you’re a physique athlete or not. And, for the intermediate or superior lifter, which means taking a more in-depth have a look at the way you prepare every facet of your biceps. You don’t simply want extra curls; you want the right biceps exercises to focus on the lengthy head of the muscle so you possibly can build a pair of peaks to be happy with. 

A person doing biceps exercises in the gym.
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Listed here are 5 of the best biceps exercises you are able to do for the lengthy head, plus some useful coaching tricks to dial in your next arm day even additional. 

Greatest Lengthy Head Biceps Workouts

Incline Dumbbell Curl

To get the long head of your biceps off the bench and into the sport, effectively, you really need a bench. An adjustable bench, to be exact. 

You’ll have the most effective shot of focusing on the lengthy head, and thus constructing a stable peak, should you can situate your self such that your higher arm falls behind your torso. 

Advantages of the Incline Dumbbell Curl

  • It aligns effectively with the pure fiber orientation of the lengthy head of the biceps.
  • Straightforward to arrange and carry out; all you want is a bench and some dumbbells.
  • Nice for making use of stress to the tissue at lengthy muscle lengths, sort of like a loaded stretch.

Learn how to Do the Incline Dumbbell Curl

Get your self a pair of light-to-moderate dumbbells and an adjustable bench. Set the bench upright at a 45-to-60-degree angle. A decrease angle isn’t essentially higher, so work with no matter is snug.

Sit again on the bench and permit your arms to fall behind your physique. Along with your higher arms pinned again, curl the weights up till your forearms are greater than perpendicular to your higher arms. Decrease the weights down slowly, significantly when you go the midway level. 

Bayesian Cable Curl

Any biceps-building program value its salt will embody no less than one exercise involving a cable machine. Cables are famend amongst bodybuilders for his or her constant, easy stress — one thing you possibly can’t get with free weights.

The character of the Bayesian cable curl carefully replicates working with dumbbells, however the line of pull of the cable itself permits you to carry out a motion you couldn’t in any other case do with a pair of dumbbells.

Advantages of the Bayesian Cable Curl

  • Straightforward to arrange and carry out, so long as you will have entry to an adjustable cable station.
  • Stimulates the lengthy head of your biceps effectively, even with gentle weight. 
  • Nice for constant stress and getting a stable pump going on the finish of your exercise.

Learn how to Do the Bayesian Cable Curl

Set an adjustable cable station so the pulley is fastened close to the ground. Seize the deal with in your single working arm and face away from the machine so the deal with pulls your arm behind you. 

Preserve an externally-rotated shoulder, with the within of your higher arm turned towards your torso. Then, curl the burden together with your biceps whereas taking care to maintain your elbow behind your physique your entire time. 

Drag Curl

This motion could appear like an improperly-performed barbell curl, however don’t be fooled. The drag curl is a seriously-underrated train, particularly if you wish to isolate the lengthy head of your biceps. 

By bodily “dragging” the barbell up your torso, you possibly can pull your higher arm behind your physique and emphasize the lengthy head of your biceps that significantly better. This transfer can also be nice for exciting your rear delts and brachialis. 

Advantages of the Drag Curl

  • It’s very simple to carry out; all you want is a barbell and a few free house.
  • Emphasizes the lengthy head of the biceps particularly because of the approach.
  • Offers some free rear delt stimulation as effectively. 

Learn how to Do the Drag Curl

Seize a barbell (a pre-loaded fastened straight bar will even do) and stand upright such as you had been about to carry out a run-of-the-mill barbell curl. Hold your higher arms tucked to your sides, however as a substitute of curling the bar outward in an arc, provoke the motion by pulling your elbows behind your physique.

The barbell ought to calmly graze your hips and torso because it “drags” upward. Pull till you possibly can’t transfer your arms behind you any additional, maintain for a beat, after which decrease the burden again down the identical approach. 

Seated Dumbbell Curl

If, for no matter cause, you possibly can’t carry out biceps curls together with your arm behind your physique, go for the standard seated curl as a substitute. Within the occasion your flexibility permits you from utilizing the incline curl, you possibly can scoot your bum ahead on a low seat and replicate the posture to a less-severe diploma.

Seated curls, whether or not you lean backward on objective or not, are an all-around glorious biceps motion. You’ll want no less than one “broad” train whenever you prepare your arms. This motion is pretty much as good as any.

Learn how to Do the Seated Dumbbell Curl

Repair an adjustable bench so it’s absolutely upright or end up a low seat with a vertical backrest. Sit down with a dumbbell in each hand, then scoot your buttocks ahead on the seat. This could put your higher arm simply behind your torso. 

From right here, curl away. Be certain that your elbows keep pinned again and also you aren’t utilizing momentum to hurl the burden up. For a greater mind-muscle connection, alternate your repetitions between one arm and the opposite. 

Cheat Curl

Biceps coaching could also be principally about focused muscular stimulation, discovering the precise proper angle, and focusing onerous on a superb contraction, however you shouldn’t be afraid to go heavy on your arms.

Correctly dishonest lets you overload your biceps from begin to end. The cheat curl is probably not the most effective train for the lengthy head from an anatomical perspective, however the sheer load on the tissue is unparalleled. Each fiber in your arms has to get entangled. 

Advantages of the Cheat Curl

Learn how to Do the Cheat Curl

Load up a barbell with a reasonably difficult weight; should you’re doing a set of six reps, select a weight you possibly can curl with good type for 4. 

Stand upright with the barbell in your hands. Take a deep breath and provoke the curl by swinging your hips again and ahead to generate a little bit of momentum. Use that momentum to curve the burden up. On the prime, pause for a second after which resist the bar as onerous as you possibly can as you decrease it down. Use solely a little bit of body English to get the bar going in the beginning of every rep. 

Anatomy of the Biceps

You’ll have heard you can’t goal the lengthy head of your biceps, or construct a peak in case your biceps should not already a outstanding a part of your arms. Whereas there’s a little bit of fantasy and mysticism at play, science does present that targeted arm growth is extra reality than fiction.

How Your Biceps Work

Your biceps brachii is a two-headed — therefore, bi-ceps — tissue that originates from a number of totally different factors in your shoulder blade, runs down your higher arm, after which inserts onto your forearm

This offers the biceps a number of distinct anatomical features. Their fundamental job is to bend the elbow throughout all method of curl, with the secondary perform of rotating the bones in your forearm, or twisting your wrist.

Your biceps even help with sure discrete actions at the shoulder, however these anatomical duties are so slight that you just needn’t pay heed to them should you’re simply making an attempt to beef up your weapons.

The Lengthy Head of the Biceps

Now, right here’s the rub. In case your biceps is especially designed to curve the elbow, and the 2 heads of the tissue each carry out that perform above all others, are you able to actually bias the lengthy head of the tissue over the quick head? 

A person performs a barbell biceps curl in the gym.
Credit score: sarocha wangdee / Shutterstock

Scientific literature factors to the reply being a compelling, however not completely confirmed, “sure.” Right here’s the deal:

  • Altering the place of your higher arm relative to your torso will have an effect on which area of the biceps is positioned below extra stretch, and which areas have the most effective leverage to contract towards a weight. (1)
  • Working the biceps from a lengthened place seems to be excellent if you wish to grow the long head (as in, your biceps peak) particularly. (2)
  • Research on different muscular tissues present that even isolation moves like leg extensions may be tweaked to have interaction sure elements of the quadriceps. (3)
  • The identical precept could apply to your arms, however there isn’t any conclusive longitudinal proof but

Put merely: The way you arrange for varied sorts of curls will have an effect on which head of your biceps brachii takes the brunt of the load, no less than in principle. Some analysis backs this concept as credible, however there’s not very a lot definitive medical proof but. 

The Function of Genetics

You must also contemplate how your personal genetics impacts the best way your muscular tissues look. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s iconic physique was thought of so, partly, as a result of his biceps seemed like they had been about to pop off of his arm.

Quick-inserting biceps will naturally peak extra than longer ones when flexed. That is decided by the place the biceps tendon truly attaches to your forearm and is completely out of your management.

A person doing long head biceps exercises with a dumbbell.
Credit score: WPixz / Shutterstock

If, whenever you flex your arms, there’s a spot between your forearm and the place your biceps begins, your insertions could be thought of quick. For growing a giant peak, the shorter the higher. 

Biceps Coaching Suggestions

Proof appears to counsel that you just can construct up your biceps peaks to a level. To take action, you want the precise workouts and a tactful method to coaching itself. Use these tricks to make your subsequent arm day much more efficient.

Sit Again

When your higher arm falls behind your shoulder, resembling throughout a seated incline curl, the lengthy head of your biceps is positioned below important stretch. Coaching a muscle from a stretched place is a incredible technique to get it to develop. Whenever you carry out incline curls or any related transfer, make sure that your elbows keep pinned behind your physique from begin to end

Focus, Exhausting

The mind-muscle connection is as near weight room magic because it will get. Whenever you see a bodybuilder with their head down, brows furrowed, obvious at their arms in a trancelike state, they’re doing extra than simply placing in effort.

A person doing long head biceps exercises in the gym.
Credit score: YAKOBCHUK VIACHESLAV / Shutterstock

Analysis signifies that consciously interested by contracting your muscular tissues will help you develop. (4) A superb mind-muscle connection is greater than merely “feeling your arms” — you possibly can really feel your arms contract even with no weight in your hand. You must remove distractions and put all of your mental energy into making an attempt to drag your biceps off the bone whenever you curl. It shouldn’t be simple. 

Use Cables

When doable, go for the cable machine. This isn’t simply true for arm training (although it’s a surefire technique to burn your arms to a crisp), but it surely holds up particularly effectively for focusing on your biceps.

Working with free weights exposes you to the inconsistent stress of gravity. Free-weight curls are sometimes simple to start, very troublesome by way of the center of the range of motion, and straightforward once more on the prime. Lowering mechanical stress by way of virtually half your range of motion isn’t excellent for progress. 

A person doing long head biceps exercises with a cable machine
Credit score: Jasminko Ibrakovic / Shutterstock

Cables clear up this problem for you by their very design. You don’t essentially have to do your entire arm workout at a cable station (although it is perhaps a enjoyable technique to swap issues up), however you must have no less than one cable curl in your rotation regularly. 

Ascend the Peak

Constructing nice biceps takes more than just barbell curls. To explode your biceps peak, it is advisable to prepare the lengthy head of the tissue, which implies getting artistic.

Fortunately, the precise workouts in your pocket — and hearty helpings of effort on prime of all of it — will help you go the space throughout your next arm workout. Check out these lengthy head biceps workouts and see for your self. 


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Featured Picture: ArtOfPhotos / Shutterstock

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