These Are the Best Biceps Cable Workouts You Can Do

Everybody loves coaching arms. Biceps exercises is usually a standalone session throughout which you assault a weak spot in your physique, or the carrot-on-a-stick to complete your upper-body day. In any case, cables are simply among the best instruments to ever occur for arm positive factors. Mix the 2 and also you’re in for a deal with. 

Cables open your coaching as much as an entire world of prospects and workout routines that may serve your long-term targets. With so many choices on the desk, it is advisable to know find out how to design a biceps workout that will get you what you’re after — positive factors.

A person exercising his biceps using a cable machine.
Credit score: Miljan Zivkovic / Shutterstock

With that in thoughts, listed here are the 4 greatest biceps cable workouts.

Finest Biceps Cable Exercises

Finest Biceps Cable Exercise For Muscle Development

Rising muscle is among the many most typical targets for anybody who units foot into the gym. Biceps aren’t any totally different than another muscle group — to develop them, you’ll be on the lookout for a very good complement of workout routines that can problem them in numerous methods. That is to make sure every individual section of the biceps will get a big quantity of stimulation per session.

The Exercise

The aesthetic look of your arms depends on hypertrophy within the biceps brachii, brachialis, and the brachioradialis. Performing cable workout routines on your biceps at totally different angles will help you goal each a bit of extra considerably. 

Goal for progressive overload and err on the facet of taking units near muscular fatigue and you need to be all set for main muscle progress. (1)

  • Excessive-Cable Biceps Curl: 2 x 15
  • Single-Arm Cable Curl: 2 x 10
  • Rope Hammer Curl: 2 x 10
  • Bayesian Cable Curl: 2 x 12

Finest Biceps Cable Exercise If You’re In a Hurry

Generally you’re in a rush however nonetheless wish to get a sick pump and lock in your arm gains for the day. Fortunately, coaching the biceps with cables permits for some fairly loopy intensifiers and a fast coaching session in addition. You may must hog the station for a bit, however the best exercise can have your arms so pumped you gained’t be capable to straighten them.

The Exercise

Utilizing rest-pause strategies, drop sets, and brief relaxation durations will produce an immense pump. Alongside the way in which, you’ll additionally train to failure, so a fast exercise will get the job completed. Indulge within the burn and the return on funding will probably be legendary. Relaxation solely 45 seconds between units right here.

Relaxation-Pause: End the set of 10 repetitions and relaxation 10 seconds earlier than repping it out to failure two extra occasions.

Drop Set: End the set of 15 repetitions earlier than lowering the load by 30 to 50 p.c and going to failure.

Finest Biceps Cable Exercise for Again Day

Back and biceps is a pairing as outdated as time. The most effective half about again day is that it slowly chips away at your biceps on each train. The quantity of weight and repetitions your biceps will take in throughout the whole session leaves you with solely 1-2 strategic workout routines to mess around with earlier than your bis are burnt to a crisp. 

The Exercise

Your again day selections is usually a little bit of a wild card right here. The heavier you go and the longer you train your back, the much less gasoline you’ll have within the tank for arm coaching. That stated, a very good high-repetition pairing like a seated cable incline curl and a high-cable biceps curl might be the proper bookend. One challenges you to stabilize and one means that you can completely obliterate the biceps whereas sitting in a chair.

Finest Biceps Cable Exercise for Newcomers

If you happen to’re a newbie, concern not! There’s a biceps exercise together with your identify on it. Not solely will it assist construct some early muscle mass, however a very good newbie biceps routine will introduce you to the basics of correct arm coaching.

The Exercise

One of the best ways to make sure early progress in your biceps is to stimulate them from all angles. From a method perspective, you’ll additionally wish to work with a wide selection of kit when you’re beginning out. This will get your ft moist with all of the cable station has to supply and builds your biceps within the course of.

Anatomy of the Biceps

The biceps brachii clearly steal the present anatomically, however there are just a few extra muscle mass that contribute to the general aesthetic of what you’ll usually take into account the “biceps”. The brachialis and brachioradialis are large contributors to arm aesthetics as properly. Right here’s the way it all works. 

Biceps Brachii

Whereas different muscle teams contribute to the general look or measurement of the “biceps”, the biceps brachii are the showstoppers; this muscle offers the majority of the visible muscle. The long head of the biceps truly originates from the supraglenoid tubercle of the scapula and inserts proper on the forearm. 

The brief head of the biceps runs from the coracoid course of to the identical spot on the forearm. Collectively, they primarily assist to flex your elbow, rotate your wrist, and likewise do a smidge of shoulder flexion. 


Your brachialis is a companion muscle to the biceps brachii. It sits beneath the biceps and performs elbow flexion solely. Whereas it’s distinct from the biceps brachii (the precise “biceps” muscle), it undeniably contributes to the general aesthetic of the arm, particularly from the entrance.

A person doing biceps curl with a resistance band.
Credit score: Purchasing King Louie / Shutterstock

Your brachialis attaches about halfway up your higher arm and inserts on the forearm just under the criminal of your elbow. It really works along with the biceps brachii so as to flex your arm.


Just like the brachialis, the brachioradialis is a definite muscle group from the biceps brachii but in addition helps contribute to a well-rounded arm aesthetic. It’s also typically skilled in some capability throughout biceps exercises so it helps to know a bit about it. 

Your brachioradialis lays throughout your higher and forearm, attaching simply above the elbow joint in direction of the outer facet. It inserts partway down the lateral a part of your forearm and helps with a ton of impartial grip curls and various wrist extension exercises

Advantages of Biceps Cable Exercises

There are large advantages to utilizing cable machines to coach your biceps. The obvious goes to be a bigger set of arms, however cables may profit your shoulder mobility and stability. Maybe probably the most quintessential advantage of cable work is how straightforward it’s to individualize for every particular person.

Larger Arms

The obvious advantage of cable biceps exercises is their usefulness for building bigger arms. Whereas many coaching packages will not directly hit the biceps, a very good cable-based biceps workout can do wonders for bringing your total arm measurement as much as par. 

Using cables is a big asset as properly due to how incrementally you may improve the problem, slightly than having to maneuver up 5 kilos at a time with dumbbells

Shoulder Mobility and Stability

Hitting your biceps on a cable machine will help together with your shoulder mobility, relying on the place you set the peak of the deal with. For the reason that cable is just not mounted to 1 single vary of movement like a machine, you will have to make use of your shoulder stabilizers to anchor your arm as you prepare. 

A shirtless athlete doing a single-arm biceps cable curl.
Credit score: Ajan Alen / Shutterstock

Increased positions will help prepare some extent of overhead mobility when you work out your arms. Likewise, a decrease place may assist with encouraging your scapula to sit down tucked again and down, a posture you make the most of throughout workout routines just like the bench press. Sure single-arm biceps workout routines can problem your common shoulder stability, particularly if it’s a must to maintain your arm aloft in area. 

They’re Straightforward to Individualize

Probably the greatest advantages of coaching your biceps with cables is how customizable they are often to your physique. You have got a unique arm length, torso top, and numerous different bodily traits which will make machines arduous or awkward to make use of. 

Cables transfer freely in area and aren’t restricted by particular setup parameters or inflexible design. You may step ahead, step backward, tuck your arms or flare them, adjust the handle you’re utilizing, and far more to make sure that your biceps coaching is snug and sustainable. 

They Achieve Factors for Comfort

The sheer comfort of coaching your biceps with a cable machine is difficult to beat. Entire training sessions might be completed by merely parking your self on the similar machine and adjusting the peak of the deal with. There’s no must navigate a fitness center or stockpile tools to the detriment of different patrons; you are able to do all of it with out even transferring your ft.

Who Ought to Do Biceps Cable Exercises

Cable biceps exercises are related to extra conditions than you may assume at first. Though freshmen can see huge arm gains from cables (or another sort of kit), bodybuilders, powerlifters, and Olympic lifters can all profit particularly from some cable work.


Newcomers could make large progress with cable biceps exercises. The delicate instability of the cable fixture is a good way to enhance approach and bracing habits. Additionally they assist you to mobilize and stabilize your shoulders towards resistance, one thing that many freshmen can profit from. 

Lastly, coaching the biceps is a extremely encouraging and pleasant exercise. Weaving in some rewarding cable biceps exercises can make sure that hitting the gym is fun and fulfilling and never a chore you topic your self to. 


Bodybuilders are one other apparent beneficiary of cable biceps exercises. Other than spectacular arms being important for a stage-worthy physique, cables as an implement are the present that retains on giving. 

A person doing a biceps rope cable curl.
Credit score: Bojan656 / Shutterstock

Bodybuilders stay and die by accumulating mechanical pressure; constant resistance on the tissue they wish to develop. In contrast to free-weight curls which might really feel inconsistent, cables thrash your biceps from begin to end and don’t let up till you’re completed together with your set. 

Power Athletes

The unlucky actuality is that the majority power athletes — whether or not you’re into powerlifting, follow Olympic lifting, or one thing in-between — accumulate loads of wear and tear on their joints via sport-specific coaching.

A powerlifter sets up with over-under grip for deadlift
Credit score: sportpoint / Shutterstock

Injecting your accessory work with some much-needed selection within the type of cable biceps coaching will help stave off anxiousness about coaching and provides your joints a break within the meantime. Sure cable biceps workout routines additionally place your shoulder in positions you don’t typically discover in power sports activities, equivalent to behind your physique through the Bayesian cable curl. Coaching these ranges is a good way to maintain your joints glad and wholesome long-term. 

Blow Up Your Biceps

Free weights and machines have their place in each fitness center, positive, however there’s one thing particular about utilizing cables. You may tweak the cable machine to satisfy nearly any fitness goal — together with and particularly rising and strengthening your biceps. 

Additionally they acquire factors for customizability; anybody can arrange and work with cables. It’s arduous to argue towards a piece of equipment that ranks excessive in each kind and performance. If you need large biceps, cable exercises may simply be the key sauce. 


  1. Grgic, J., Schoenfeld, B. J., Orazem, J., & Sabol, F. (2022). Results of resistance coaching carried out to repetition failure or non-failure on muscular power and hypertrophy: A scientific overview and meta-analysis. Journal of sport and well being science, 11(2), 202–211. 

Featured Picture: Miljan Zivkovic / Shutterstock

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