Try These Kettlebell Glute Workouts to Kick Your Butt Into High Gear

The standard kettlebell wears many hats within the weight room. For some, it serves as a rattling good  conditioning software. Others love kettlebell exercises for his or her versatility. Nonetheless others use kettlebells as a part of their accent routine, or because the centerpiece of a dynamic warm-up.

However what about muscle-building? Are you able to make a kettlebell the centerpiece of a glute exercise and nonetheless add some mass to your ass? Because it seems, you’ll be able to. 

Two people doing kettlebell glute workouts in the gym.
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These kettlebell glute exercises are completely tailor-made towards making your bottom as spherical as a kettlebell itself. Give them a spin — or a swing, moderately — throughout your subsequent journey to the health club and see for your self. They’re tailor-made in response to your expertise degree, so you’ll be able to leap proper in:

3 Greatest Kettlebell Glute Exercises

Greatest Newbie Kettlebell Glute Exercise

As a newbie, you may discover the kettlebell awkward to work with. Its design isn’t as simplistic as, say, a dumbbell or barbell; the “bell” of the kettlebell swings freely round your hand. Nevertheless, that performance is exactly what makes kettlebells so ergonomic and user-friendly when you regulate to it.

The Exercise

This newbie kettlebell glute exercise ought to get you acclimated to a number of frequent kettlebell workout routines whereas additionally instructing you the right way to correctly hinge, squat, and swing.

A person doing squats with a kettlebell.
Credit score: – Yuri A / Shutterstock

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Think about this exercise equal components instructive and stimulative: You’ll get a stellar booty session in whereas additionally studying your physique’s fundamental movement patterns.

  • Kettlebell Goblet Squat: 3 x 8
  • Kettlebell Deadlift: 3 x 8
  • Kettlebell Swing: 2 x 12

The “intermediate” part of your health journey — that’s, between one and three years for most folk — is the proper time to diversify your so-called coaching portfolio. In easy phrases, this implies acclimating your self to all kinds of stimuli and dealing with completely different gear.

A person doing kettlebell walking lunges.
Credit score: Drazen Zigic / Shutterstock

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In case you’ve averted kettlebells previously, they could be simply what it’s essential to maintain the positive aspects prepare rolling. With some expertise underneath your belt, you’re primed to maximise all that an intermediate kettlebell glute exercise has to supply.

The Exercise

This exercise builds on the beginner principles of kettlebell training, however ramps up the problem and quantity. Anticipate to hit your glutes from completely different angles via each squat and hinge workout routines for a complete stimulus.

Greatest Superior Kettlebell Glute Exercise

Kettlebells could lack the loading potential of barbells or the constant stimulation of a cable station, however that doesn’t imply they’re a useless finish for those who’re an skilled gymgoer. In reality, some intelligent exercise design can actually elevate kettlebells.

The Exercise

Within the context of constructing muscle and power with kettlebells, your largest “situation” is the easy truth that the majority kettlebells aren’t particularly heavy. Certain, you could find bells upwards of 100 kilos in some gyms, however they’re few and much between.

A person doing kettlebell swings.
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So, the easiest way to make a kettlebell-focused glute exercise actually difficult is to do (virtually) the whole lot on one leg. As a bonus, you’ll break one heck of a sweat and construct up some bodily resilience alongside the best way.

  • Double Kettlebell Strolling Lunge: 2 x 10 paces
  • Single-Leg Kettlebell Hip Thrust: 3 x 12
  • Kettlebell Step-Up: 3 x 12
  • Kettlebell Swing: 100 repetitions for time

Progress Your Kettlebell Exercises

It doesn’t matter what kind of kit you employ or what coaching fashion you comply with, your bodily health routine ought to include some type of development. That is as true for yoga practices as it’s for strength training. Progressing your kettlebell glute exercises isn’t essentially easy — right here’s the right way to maintain transferring in the appropriate route. 

Add Weight (When Attainable)

Progressive overload refers to incrementally growing the problem of a bodily exercise or job over a time frame. Within the weight room, this typically takes the type of including extra weight to an train.

In case you work with the barbell, overload is fairly easy; simply add one other 5 kilos to your barbell. On an train just like the deadlift, you could not even discover that further weight. Nevertheless, transferring to a heavier kettlebell is usually a taller order.

A muscular athlete carrying two kettlebells.
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Nonetheless, you must try to work with heavier bells over time for so long as you’ll be able to. It’s the most quantifiable technique of progressive overload and may provide the most bang in your buck. Nevertheless, all the time be conscious that heavier weights mustn’t come on the expense of fine method. 

Add Repetitions

It’s not sensible in all instances so as to add increasingly weight to your favourite workout routines — that is very true for single-joint isolation actions, or single-leg exercises the place even small jumps in load really feel fairly heavy.

In case you can’t work with a heavier kettlebell throughout your glute workouts, your subsequent best choice is to bang out one other repetition or two. This nonetheless counts as progressive overload and can nonetheless make it easier to build muscle

Shoot for an additional repetition (or two) each week or so and also you’ll be effectively in your means. As soon as you’ll be able to carry out double the quantity of repetitions as initially deliberate, you’re in all probability prepared to maneuver up in weight and begin over once more. 

Trim Your Relaxation Instances

Folks are inclined to overlook — and undervalue — the advantages of pushing their coaching density. Density, that’s, referring to how time-efficient you may be together with your exercise. In case you can’t add weight or embrace extra repetitions, however you are able to do your whole kettlebell glute exercise in much less time than final week, that’s progress.

Make an effort to scale back rest times if and provided that you’ve exhausted extra standard development pathways. It’s not all the time possible to maneuver up in weight or add two repetitions. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to in all probability shave 5 to 10 seconds off your relaxation intervals with out noticing. Over time, you’ll induce extra muscular fatigue (resulting in extra hypertrophy), and enhance your cardiovascular capability within the course of.

A couple of people working out with kettlebells.
Credit score: Mangkorn Danggura / Shutterstock

The one consideration to be conscious of concerning exercise density is that, finally, you’ll deprive your self of the requisite time it takes to recuperate from high-intensity lifting. In case you’re doing a heavy set of kettlebell deadlifts, your physique wants a sure period of time to replenish its power reserves. For heavy units, attempt to keep away from resting any lower than a minute or so. 

Good Your Approach

Few phrases are extra ubiquitous within the health world than “preserve good type.” Even for those who’re model new to train, it’s in all probability among the many first stuff you’ve heard or learn and, most often, goes with out saying.

Nevertheless, you’ll be able to and may consider your method as a development pathway. Not essentially to the identical diploma as growing weight or including repetitions, however fine-tuning your execution can certainly present a larger return in your sweat funding within the health club.

That is very true for kettlebells, which aren’t essentially simple to work with. There’s a world of distinction between a sloppy, haphazard kettlebell swing the place you employ your arms and higher again lots, and a crisp, hermetic, locked-in swing that depends solely in your glutes. Persistently try to grasp your method and also you’ll make higher positive aspects with kettlebells (and each different piece of kit).

Advantages of Kettlebells

There’s no one-size-fits-all software within the weight room. Each bit of kit you’re employed with serves its personal function and is greatest utilized in particular conditions. Barbells, for instance, are unparalleled for his or her loading potential. Train machines are second-to-none introductory instruments. Kettlebells have lots to supply, each for glute exercises and on their very own advantage:

They’re (Virtually) In all places

There’s no level in committing to a workout program for those who can’t carry out it from begin to end with the gear out there to you. House or resort gyms, as an example, could not have cable machines or barbells. 

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However you could find kettlebells mainly wherever. They’re throughout industrial gyms and, as a bonus, match properly on the rack of a well-furnished storage health club. This implies you will get in a very good kettlebell glute exercise whether or not you’re on the street or buckled down for a collection of home-based classes.

Ergonomic Worth

Kettlebells have an honest studying curve, however when you get snug with them, they’re extraordinarily intuitive. Because the bell itself is outdoors of your palm and the deal with rotates freely in your hand, you’ll be able to carry out sure ballistic workout routines like swings or cleans a lot simpler than with a dumbbell or barbell.


Regardless of being constructed otherwise than different free weights, there’s virtually nothing you can’t do with a kettlebell. You possibly can maximize their design for ballistic, explosive actions, or use them the identical means you’d a dumbbell most often.

So, for those who’re following a leg or glute exercise however solely have entry to an assortment of kettlebells, you don’t need to throw your whole routine out the window. Romanian deadlifts are the identical with kettlebells as they’re with dumbbells or a barbell, for essentially the most half. In some instances, the kettlebell various could even be extra snug for you.

Nice for Cardio

The design of the kettlebell lends itself effectively to weaving repetitions collectively shortly, significantly on workout routines like the clean or swing. Kettlebell actions additionally are inclined to require a less-intricate setup — to squat with a barbell, it’s essential to wedge it into your again correctly, unrack it from the station, regulate your stance, and so forth.

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Kettlebells, in contrast, are extraordinarily grab-and-go. As such, they’re improbable for body conditioning and basic cardiovascular health. 

What Muscle tissue Make Up Your Glutes

You in all probability know the place they’re: Your glutes lie on the again of your pelvis and are each visually outstanding and athletically pertinent. You want your glutes to look good in a pair of denims and to leap excessive, run far, or squat heavy. 

Right here’s what’s occurring together with your glute anatomy and the way every of the three muscle groups within the gluteal compartment impacts your motion.

  • Gluteus Maximus: Your glute max gives hip and postural stability throughout walking or operating, and is your main hip extensor. It might additionally play a extra low-key position in some acute hip-related capabilities. (1)
  • Gluteus Medius: Your glute medius is answerable for basic hip stability. It additionally rotates your thigh outward, which is named hip abduction.
  • Gluteus Minimus: Your “glute min” is the deepest and smallest of the gluteal advanced. It steadies the pelvis when the alternative foot is raised off the bottom throughout strolling and operating. You possibly can’t virtually isolate your glute min with most resistance workout routines.

Extra Coaching Content material


  1. Elzanie, A., & Borger, J. (2023). Anatomy, Bony Pelvis and Decrease Limb, Gluteus Maximus Muscle. In StatPearls. StatPearls Publishing.

Featured Picture: nelic / Shutterstock

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